VuWing Secures Your Mobile Device for Safe Air Travel

Seventy percent of air travelers use their mobile devices for in-flight entertainment. VuWing keeps your device safe, secure, and germ-free.

    BRISTOW, VA, October 19, 2021 — VuWing travel phone holder is aiming to make this upcoming holiday air travel season a bit more enjoyable. Quickly snap your phone into VuWing, a lightweight, soft yet durable rubberized plastic accessory, and easily secure it into the tray table or seat back in front of you. Sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of your flight hands-free, without having to hold your phone and worry about aching arms, elbows or neck, germs, or having it fall and get damaged.

VuWing was created to keep mobile devices accessible, yet safe and secure during the duration of a flight. Any air traveler who has tried to use their mobile device knows the pain points. It’s hard to hold for long periods of time. Your body starts to ache; arm pain, neck stiffness, numb wrists, and elbows. Sometimes the device falls in your lap, food or on the floor where it’s almost impossible to pick it up.

From business travelers attempting to relax a bit before a big meeting, to restless children bound to drop the phone or leave sticky fingerprints all over the glass, VuWing is the answer to our modern-day problem of needing to have our device handy, wanting to use entertaining apps, and hoping to find a moment of peace from cramped quarters and confined spaces.

COVID has made the need for touch-free travel even more necessary than ever before. VuWing never set out to be a tool to help end the spread of germs, but it’s inherently become a necessary travel accessory for that purpose simply by design.

VuWing travel phone holder stores flat making it easy to carry and use promptly upon boarding. Setup your hands-free personal entertainment station as soon as you take your seat, knowing your device is safe and secure. Avoid Text Neck, numb elbows & fingers, and achy shoulders & arms. VuWing is the remedy to issues caused by modern-day technology. Adjustable to fit any smartphone up to 3.5″ in width, made in the USA, durable, compact, and ready to assist in life’s tight spaces.

Founded and developed in the U.S.A, our vision is to improve the personal device entertainment experience as the first specific mobile phone holder built to accommodate planes, trains, buses, and more. We believe in the simplicity of one universal, easy to use device that can be used from the beginning through the end of your journey. We have made it our primary design goal to provide a device that accommodates your phone, and travel needs, yet remain durable, safe and easy to use.

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