VAI Resort in Arizona Reveals Bold Architectural and Design

GLENDALE, Ariz. (October 4, 2023)VAI Resort, the most anticipated addition to Arizona’s hospitality landscape, is poised to redefine luxury and design. Opening its doors in Glendale, part of metro Phoenix, in late 2024, VAI Resort aims to captivate guests with its transformative ambiance and meticulous attention to detail. Boasting the title of Arizona’s largest hotel property, VAI Resort is set to become a breathtaking standout destination utilizing both the natural landscape and location of Arizona and unique aspects of the resort experience to influence the design choices throughout the 1,100 rooms.

The diverse elements of the region are intertwined throughout the property, showcasing the natural beauty of the desert, and highlighting its unique character.  Guests will be wowed by the thoughtful and well-designed rooms that offer a spacious environment where every detail has been carefully considered to cater to the guests’ desires and moods.

Led by visionary Scott Hillig, President of Design and Development for VAI Resort, the philosophy of the property revolves around creating a unique and experiential environment that showcases the seamless integration of entertainment, culinary artistry, and hospitality. As guests step foot into the hotel, VAI Resort seeks to leave a lasting first impression of awe and appreciation. The brand’s vision is to envelop guests in an environment that demonstrates unparalleled attention to detail, with every design element carefully crafted no matter which tower or room is selected.

“The design philosophy at VAI Resort is a symphony of elegance and innovation combined with a good dose of rock n’ roll attitude,” explains Scott Hillig, President of Design and Development for VAI Resort. “We have used the beauty of the desert landscape as our inspiration and woven its rugged textures, vibrant hues and organic forms into the fabric of our design. But our vision extends beyond the visual realm,” Hillig continues. “We have infused a musical theme throughout the resort, where every corner resonates with rhythm and harmony. The architecture and interior design strike a chord, seamlessly blending elegant notes with unexpected surprises. It’s an integrated experience where guests can feel the energy of the music in every heartbeat of the hotel. VAI Resort serves as a stage where luxury and artistry dance together.”

The design of all hotel accommodations draws inspiration from the overall music concept of the hotel and showcases an array of unusual techniques and technologies, pushing the boundaries of traditional hotel settings. The intent is to create a harmonious blend of luxurious finishes, dimensional textures, and a palette of materials including crocodile skin leather, cowhide, metal, stone, and soft wood tones typically associated with high-end residential settings, producing an elevated and exclusive experience. These carefully selected elements, complemented by pops of bold colors, allow guests to feel immersed and become part of the curated space, much like different types and layers of music invite guests to become part of a captivating story.

Each of the four hotel towers at VAI Resort has its own distinct aura, offering guests a range of captivating experiences:

  • Amphitheater: The epitome of luxury, where guests can indulge in the finest appointments and gain a glimpse into what it feels like to live like a rock star and specifically designed to be part of the VAI Amphitheater experience. A new take on the traditional private viewing suite, these hotel rooms are integrated with the VAI Amphitheater and offer unique design elements and furnishings that provide the “best seat in the house,” allowing guests to enjoy an intimate concert experience while surrounded by finishes that perfectly complement the setting.
  • Cadence: A tranquil and surreal environment that evokes a feeling of floating through a peaceful sanctuary, exhibiting music sheets and raw scraps of paper that capture original scores and lyrics from renowned artists.
  • Rhythm: An escape to a desert oasis where endless luxuries are within reach, promising an extraordinary getaway and featuring song lyrics written out in a mixture of moss and metals to stimulate guests’ minds.
  • VAI Villas: Ranging from 1,100 to 5,300 square feet, the Villas represent the embodiment of feeling at home without the responsibilities, providing a sanctuary of comfort and exclusivity, while paying tribute to entertainment venues worldwide, and celebrating the unifying power of music.

To create the unique setting and one-of-a-kind look for the property, VAI Resort was fortunate to work with top talent to bring its vision to life, and the design journey has been shaped by collaborations with firms Davis Ink, DH Companies, Gensler, and KTGY Simeone Deary Design Group. Additionally, the art program at VAI Resort will showcase the work of six internationally acclaimed artists, each creating pieces exclusively for the resort. Centered around music and entertainment, this curated collection will be revealed upon the resort’s opening, promising a truly engaging experience for guests

Designing several spaces across the resort, including hotel lobbies, a highlight of KTGY Simeone Deary Design Group’s work is in the Amphitheater Hotel Tower lobby, inspired by its unique connection with music.

“Drawing inspiration from the rhythmic flow of music that defines VAI’s aesthetic, we embarked on a design journey that artfully integrates the perpetual dance, look and feel of sound waves in motion,” shared Gina Deary, Principal of KTGY Simeone Deary Design Group. “Much like the ever-shifting patterns of the wind, these sound waves within the Amphitheater lobby are represented through contours and lines that tell the narrative of our architectural vision. This captivating design element can be seen throughout the entire property, adorning ceilings and walls and select public spaces. These soundwave patterns, paired with a desert-inspired color palette, further enhance the tapestry of the local terrain that surrounds VAI Resort.”

While the rooms will remain home base for each guest, the hotel boasts numerous one-of-a-kind venues and amenities where the design plays an important role in the experience. This includes:

  • VAI Amphitheater: The standout feature at VAI Resort is its state-of-the-art VAI Amphitheater, set against a breathtaking five-acre oasis backdrop. This first-of-its-kind, awe-inspiring centerpiece distinguishes the resort from any other entertainment venue in the world, promising unforgettable entertainment experiences.
  • Konos Island: A crown jewel of the resort, Konos Island, is a 52,000-square-foot island oasis which captures the essence of Mykonos, Greece, and Tulum, Mexico, with its white sand beaches, luxurious appointments, unique culinary offerings, and entertainment experiences. Konos Island will serve as the center point of the entire resort, providing an unparalleled destination within a destination.

“VAI’s elevated resort experience is set to transform the luxury entertainment landscape of Arizona. Through our work on the expansive Konos Island, the public-facing retail spaces, conference center breezeways, and one of the site’s signature restaurants, Gensler’s goal is to elevate the guest’s journey through discoverable, experiential moments,” says Siobhan Barry, Principal, Gensler.

VAI Resort is also proud to introduce 12 distinctive restaurants, each offering an unforgettable dining environment. These venues will feature not only cutting-edge culinary experiences but will also carve out unique areas within each space to provide guests with diverse vibes and memorable atmospheres.

Poised to transform the luxury hospitality landscape, offering a level of design that surpasses all expectations, guests can look forward to late 2024 when VAI Resort opens its doors, unveiling a haven of luxury and creativity in the heart of Arizona.

For more information on VAI Resort please visit the resort’s website

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