Truth in Advertising
in Isla Mujeres

When was the last time a sign, billboard, or advertisement made you stop dead in your tracks? This sign fronting the quaint Villa La Bella in Isla Mujeres is enough to create whiplash for innocent bystanders.

Consider that Isla Mujeres daily temperature hovers in the low to mid 80s. Also consider that the island is so relaxed that a cold beer is always hovering high on your priority list.

One of the co-owners of this cozy B & B worked in marketing back in the states. If you’re going to make an entrepreneurial go of it, it’s usually best to focus on what you know or at least pursue what you’re passionate about.

                            Villa la Bella pool and bar area

There is a fine line between pleasure and pain. This sign’s punch line covers both ends of the spectrum.

The best messages include one of the 4 U’s. Ask yourself if what you’re trying to express includes a sense of urgency, uniqueness, is it useful, or is it ultra-specific? Depending on who is reading this sign, he or she could be connected by any one of these emotional tugs.

The next time you sip an ice cold brew and your molars start aching, stop and think about this Isla Mujeres thirst quenching stimulator.

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in Isla Mujeres

  1. Thanks! We sure love your blog and appreciate you mentioning our little slice of paradise. Can’t get over how much the palm trees have grown since this picture was taken. You can hardly see sky through the columns now. Life is good! Hope you’ll come back. Salud! Ashley and Curtis

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