The World’s Longest Bar, Humble Baron, Opens South of Nashville

An hour drive southeast from Nashville, in Shelbyville, Tennessee, lies a 323-acre property making history: The Nearest Green Distillery.

Home of Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey, the first-ever spirit brand to honor a Black whiskey maker, welcomed more than 110,000 visitors in 2022. The founders of Uncle Nearest have already broken records by becoming the fastest-growing whiskey in US history, but now they are hoping to put Shelbyville on the culinary map with the opening of Humble Baron on March 23, a restaurant, bar, and live music venue, that is also home to the new world’s longest bar.

Coming in at 525 feet, the showpiece bar is 120 feet longer than the current record holder.

Humble Baron was conceptualized with the intention of attracting both locals and the 14 million visitors who come to Nashville from all over the world for its larger than life culture of live music and great food. The bar’s world-class cocktail program was crafted by famed NYC establishment Death & Company and puts Black-owned spirits center stage. To build the culinary program, Humble Baron tapped esteemed James Beard nominated chef G. Garvin from Atlanta to create a menu of sophisticated yet familiar Southern dishes, like their signature Nashville Hot Shrimp and Grits.


The bar will also face an indoor/outdoor stage that will welcome nationally touring artists as well as local talent, to perform to upwards of 15,000 guests. In addition to Nashville being the hub of country music, music is engrained in Humble Baron’s makeup as founder Fawn Weaver’s father was legendary motown producer Frank Wilson.


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