The Wonder of a
Caribbean Balcony

One of the best elements of a Caribbean vacation is simply waking up each morning. Imagine pulling back your blinds and seeing wall-to-wall Caribbean Sea. In anticipation of a view like this one at the Hermitage Bay Resort in Antigua, your previous night’s sleep may be restless or the best slumber ever.

Hermitage Bay could be described as minimalist luxury. The resort’s emphasis is on nature and its sounds, views, and even the air itself.

There is a renewed appreciation for what a wonderful world we live in when surrounded by this kind of Antiguan splendor. The resort efforts to leave inspirational messages like “remember to breath” as a guest reminder how precious each day is, especially when in paradise.

“Gallery in a theater” is one of the definitions of the word “balcony.”  Caribbean balconies, like the ones at Hermitage Bay, provide audiences with live theater where you’ll love awakening to the lead role in a high-definition turquoise production.



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