Takomo Golf Releases a New Iron Model 101T

Takomo, the Finnish golf equipment manufacturer, has released its newest iron model, the 101T. The product is a refined version of the original Iron 101 and is aimed at players who are looking for a more forgiving iron with a more compact head and a thinner topline. This iron blends distance, workability, and style into one complete package. The new design is targeted at more experienced players looking for a short blade with a traditional look and feel.

The voice of our customers is represented by the 101T irons. We received a lot of positive feedback on our first iron model 101, as well as some great suggestions for improvement. Customer feedback aligned well with our own ideas, and we were inspired to begin designing a new version for the advanced player. We are extremely pleased with the outcome and believe that this iron will be a serious contender in its category,” said Takomo Golf’s CEO, Sebastian Haapahovi.

When Takomo’s 101 iron was released, it was well-received. The public praised the sleek and minimal design. Its performance was praised by the likes of TXG, Sports Illustrated, and James Robinson. However, for the more seasoned golfer with a lower handicap, they desired a club with less offset, a smaller club head, a thinner topline, and more traditional lofts. The 101T is designed for a golfer who is looking for added workability and loves the design of the 101 irons. The traditional lofts of the 101T make the gaps between each club a bit more predictable and controllable.

The 101T has the same hollow-body design as the 101. This design makes it incredibly forgiving, even for a players-distance iron. The thin face has been finely machined for strong ball compression and spring action, resulting in exceptional ball speed, even on mishits.

KBS offers two shaft variations for the 101T: Tour and Tour Lite. D2 is the default swing weight. The Lamkin Crossline stock grip is designed for players who want Tour-proven performance with classic styling.

About Takomo: Takomo is a Finland-based direct-to-consumer golf equipment manufacturer. It designs its products to last and avoids fast product release cycles. Takomo produces components for its products in Japan, Taiwan, and China and ships them out worldwide from Hong Kong. Takomo is on a mission to offer the highest quality golf products at an affordable price.

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