Swing Into a Mazatlan
Golfing Paradise

Golfing at El Cid Golf and Country Club
By Jed Vaughn

Lee Trevino once said, “There is no such thing as natural touch. Touch is something you create by hitting millions of balls”.

There’s no better place to gain golf’s Midas touch than at Trevino’s favorite Mazatlan destination, El Cid Resort. This world-class venue consists of three sets of links translating to 27 holes. The Marina, Moro, and Castilla courses deliver 10,000-yards of pure golfing pleasure.

Golfers can anticipate gorgeous greens, fairways lined with contemporary homes, and tropical scenery that is unique to Mexico. Turtles, iguanas, herons, and coots add a touch of spice to your round. Golf surrounded by tall palms and natural flora makes El Cid a luxurious golf getaway.

Trevino El Cid Connection

Stories of Hall of Famer Lee Trevino come up frequently among El Cid members and staff. Trevino became a member at El Cid in the early 90s after developing a friendship with the ownership group.  In 1997, Trevino placed his personal stamp on El Cid when he designed the Marina Course.

In addition to its narrow fairways, the signature element to the Marina Course layout is a winding sea canal that threads throughout the nine.  It’s hard not to admire the canal’s natural beauty, as well as the beautiful homes located on the property, and the boats moored along the water’s edge. Then again, you’d be wise to remember the canal is an unyielding hazard to avoid on your next shot.

Golfers will discover a different vibe on the Moro and Castilla courses.  Moro is widely acknowledged as the most challenging of the three courses. Adrian Salum, El Cid’s Head Golf Pro, shared that even Trevino was humbled by Moro’s 5th hole, a daunting 620-yard par 5. Trevino, widely known as someone who liked an occasional wager, once shot a 14 on “The Monster.”

The Castilla course is the most forgiving of the three El Cid layouts. Castilla presents long par 5’s and wide open fairways where sliced and hooked tee shots are given more chance of redemption. What’s nice is that all three courses offer four tee boxes. That means a golfer can choose the El Cid distance that works best for his or her game.

Visualize a Better Game at El Cid

Before starting on the course of your choice, why not tune up your putting, chipping, or driving with one of the club professionals? Veteran golfers and beginners alike can learn something valuable from the nine El Cid golf pros. They’ll improve your focus on golf fundamentals, visualization, balance, alignment, grip, breathing, quieting the body, pivoting, and power.

If your vacation plan includes fine-tuning your game, El Cid is home to the David Wright Academy. Call in advance if you’re interested in sharpening your game using the “Wright Balance” method. Wright is a Top-100 golf instructor and his Los Angeles-based academy has been rated the #1 golf school in the US by Golf Magazine for 8 years running. Wright teaches at El Cid five days per month.

If you’re planning a trip to the beautiful city of Mazatlán, treat yourself to an awesome golf experience with a stay-and-play package featuring unlimited golf. If you prefer, add to your vacation memories by playing just a round or two at the luxurious El Cid golf Club. You will not be disappointed.  El Cid Golf Club offers half-day, full-day, and 3- day packages to golfers of all ages including beginners and veteran swingers alike.



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