Stand Above the Clouds
in Maui

To stand above the clouds is an awe inspiring experience. Over one million tourists annually scale to the top of Maui’s Haleakala volcano in order to do just that.

In Hawaiian-speak, Haleakala means “House of the Sun.” The sun is about the only thing that is still above one’s head when absorbing the panoramic view from this 10,000 foot summit.

When traveling the 37-mile path to heaven’s door, the temperature drops three degrees for every 1,000 feet upward. There is a certain serenity once you reach the top. It’s like there’s an unspoken rule that you should honor the surrounding majesty with quiet.

In the Rolling Stones song, “Get off of My Cloud,” Jagger and Richards get a little greedy with their lyrics stating, “Two’s a crowd on my cloud.” On Maui’s Haleakala, standing above the clouds is  worth sharing with the universe.


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