Sports Tech Company Creates Standardized Golf Test for its Launch Monitor

Rapsodo, the sports tech company known for helping athletes reach their full potential, has released a new update to its Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM) for golfers, which connects with your iOS device to track ball speed, launch angle, smash factor and countless more statistics.

The new feature is called Combines and is available to Premium subscribers. It’s a standardized test golfers can use to find out which areas of their game they’re strong in and which areas they need to improve in.

Each test takes 15-20 minutes and consists of hitting a series of shots. At the end of the test, users are given a performance score based on how they did.

Test. Score. Improve.

Put your golf game to the ultimate test with Rapsodo Combines, the newest feature to be added to the groundbreaking Mobile Launch Monitor 

As a performance-based practice system for the MLM, Rapsodo Combines is an evaluation of your overall ability that can be taken in 20 minutes or less.   

Practice smarter and more efficiently, while also quantifying your driving and approach play skills. Get a clear, accurate picture of what you do best, what you need to work on, and what your potential as a golfer can be.  

Test and improve every club in your bag with a thoughtful mix of tee shots and approach play encompassing a total of 24 shots that can be completed on a typical driving range. 

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