SH Villa Gadea Hotel – Exhilarating in Spain

By Tim Cotroneo

Exhilarating! That’s the best word to describe the anticipation of a new day for guests at the SH Villa Gadea Hotel in Altea, Spain.

There is so much to see, feel, and do at this Five-Star property located on the eastern edge of a seaside Mediterranean village. Guests arriving after dark have no idea of the wonders awaiting at sunrise.

Morning greets Villa Gadea newcomers like a butterfly spreading its wings for the first time. Only this butterfly arrives when a guest steps out on their balcony and sees Villa Gadea’s pristine outdoor environment.

Gadea Good Morning

Gadea pool

Daybreak is when guests realize that the SH Villa Gadea’s curb appeal goes well beyond the hotel’s finely-appointed front entrance. Each of Villa Gadea’s 200 terraced rooms include a serene outdoor paradise. Al fresco dining, one of the most beautiful pools in all of Spain, and spectacular cardiovascular and historic options call out amidst Altea’s near-perfect temperatures.

If you desire the whole Gadea morning experience, do yourself a favor and savor breakfast at the Veranda Restaurant. Sip a Nespresso coffee, fresh orange juice featuring homegrown Valencia oranges, and then indulge in the Veranda buffet. Now you’re ready to enjoy Gadea’s scenic oasis connecting you with the Mediterranean Sea.

Just beyond Villa Gadea’s outdoor Palapa restaurant, walk a few steps down to a second landscaped tier. At this level you’ll experience a patio and pool setting that is second to none. Your head swivels at the palm trees, pavers, palapas, and panoramic views that go on for miles. Add the freshest air you could ever breathe and Villa Gadea provides a jolt of morning adrenaline that no amount of caffeine could ever match.

Path to Paradise

Stroll a few steps beyond the pool’s perimeter and you’ll find a jogging, biking, and dog walking path that is a European postcard waiting to happen. Survey a 180-degree expanse of Mediterranean Sea, followed by a glimpse of the Sierra de Bernia Mountains, and you’ll realize that Villa Gadea’s backyard is one of Spain’s hidden gems.

Take advantage of the walking trail and discover historical remnants of buildings dating back hundreds of years. The overriding thread of what you’ve uncovered is that these value-added gifts are just steps from your Villa Gadea accommodations.

After you’ve returned from your walk, jog, bike ride, or even a grateful prayer, take the time to appreciate the Villa Gadea indoor amenities. The 21,000-square-foot Thalasso Spa offers an abundance of wellness, beauty, and hydrotherapy treatments. The Lobby Bar, Kitsume Japanese Restaurant, and Miramar Restaurant, present exceptional cocktail and culinary opportunities for celebrating your stay at Altea’s best Five-Star hotel. The SH Villa Gadea’s friendly staff is on hand for attending to your VIP vacation needs.

Exhilarating in Any Language

You have one final request upon checking out at the front desk. What is the best Spanish word for describing a vacation that exceeded expectations? The SH Villa Gadea representative smiles and says, “Estimulante.” That’s Spanish for “exhilarating.”


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