Old Lighthouse Club Aligns with Delos for Home Wellness Development

Los Cabos, Mexico (Sept. 16, 2020)Old Lighthouse Club Los Cabos announces it has partnered with Delos to introduce the DARWIN Home Wellness Intelligence network™ for all developer-built homes within its community. DARWIN is designed to enhance the human health and well-being of residents by monitoring, calibrating and responding to changing indoor environmental conditions.  Delos, a wellness real estate and technology company, has fostered research collaborations with leading medical institutions, architects and wellness luminaries such as Deepak Chopra, to introduce programs and solutions into the built environment. 

“For more than eight years, Delos has been merging the health sciences with the building sciences, including a collaboration with Mayo Clinic on the Well Living Lab, the first human-centered research facility dedicated to researching the indoor environment’s impact on human health,” said Paul Scialla, Founder and CEO of Delos and Founder of the International WELL Building Institute.  “Now more than ever, people are recognizing the importance of designing spaces that can support our health and well-being. Delos’ evidence-based solutions can help address today’s most pressing concern, and also help prepare us to be more resilient in the future.”

With almost 90% of our lives spent indoors, even in outdoor-focused Los Cabos, Old Lighthouse Club developers feel the need to make the indoor spaces of the amenities and homes they build to be as healthy as Cabo’s coveted outdoor environment.

“In considering the smart technology we put in homes today, we felt another level of intelligence was needed to address personal health and wellness.  In this endeavor, we have worked with Delos for over 18 months to create a thoughtful and appropriate application of this wellness technology for our owner families,” says Taber Anderson, CEO, Old Lighthouse Club.

DARWIN is a groundbreaking offering that seeks to turn a home into a catalyst for enhanced health, well-being and performance, and easily works through the home’s WiFi network. DARWIN focuses on four main components: air filtration, water purification, dynamic circadian lighting and comfort-focused technologies.

Old Lighthouse Club will include a base DARWIN package for all developer-built homes within the community. Owners will be able to customize it as much as they would like prior to construction.

Anderson adds, “We will encourage owners seeking custom home builds to utilize the full range of Delos offerings as it is an intelligent and thoughtful gesture to do for yourself and your loved ones.”

For additional information on Old Lighthouse Club, visit www.oldlighthouseclub.com or call

1-800-479-0154 (U.S.) / +52-624-142-9934 (Mexico).

About Old Lighthouse Club, Los Cabos

Anchoring the tip of the Baja’s beautiful Pacific coast, Old Lighthouse Club is sited within the 1,850 acres of Quivira, Los Cabos. The exclusive master-planned residential community is located where the Sea of Cortes meets the Pacific Ocean. Although secluded, Quivira and Old Lighthouse Club are mere minutes from downtown Cabo San Lucas, with all the restaurants, shopping, fishing, nightlife and numerous recreational activities that make Cabo a world-class entertainment destination.  Old Lighthouse Club is named for Cabo’s oldest standing structure, the iconic El Faro Viejo (the old lighthouse), erected in 1905.

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