All Play in US Virgin Islands this Labor Day Weekend

Travelers frustrated with a summer of headaches at airports can hit refresh with a long, relaxing Labor Day weekend in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

With no more pandemic-era restrictions or COVID-19 tests, and easy entry for U.S. citizens who don’t need a passport, it’s a convenient way to capture the end of the summer sun before pumpkin spice starts filling, well, everything.

With three islands to explore, let’s focus on the two most accessible ones since time is short – St. Thomas and St. John. Arrive at the main airport and rent a car or rely on taxis to get around. Don’t expect to find car share apps operating here – it keeps the local vibe strong!

From there, it’s just a matter of matching each visitor’s desires with the right experiences on the island. First time visitors can’t go wrong with something like the following itinerary to get a taste of all the islands offer.

  • Day 1, arrive in St. Thomas and start with some views of the island from Mountain Top while sipping the famous banana daiquiri. Take the afternoon to enjoy the beaches – you’d be remiss not to spend some time on the sand snf in the water. Magens Bay Beach is a solid choice, or sneak over to Secret Harbor if you want to get away from the more popular areas.
  • Splash out on a gourmet meal at Old Stone Farmhouse for some locally-inspired cuisine.

  • Day 2, go beyond St. Thomas and take the ferry to St. John to wander the shops at Cruz Bay. Of course you’ll find beaches aplenty here, but channel your inner adventurer and hike through Virgin Islands National Park before taking a boating excursion out on the waters that make up part of the park. Snorkel the protected waters to come face to face with the local fauna.
    Sample local fare through the tasting menu at the Lime Inn in Cruz Bay

  • Day 3, your last day, the beach and water may very well beckon again. A morning kayaking excursion may be a refreshing way to kick off the morning. Travelers can also gawk at the yachts and luxury boutiques around Yacht Haven Grande and have a last bit of seafood for lunch at a place like Twisted Cork Café – and maybe have a few more Johnny cakes before flying out later in the day.

The U.S. Virgin Islands is accessible and welcoming, with a host of activities and excursions to consider including cultural offerings and relaxation options. Let’s encourage your readers to skip town this Labor Day weekend and dip their toes into what will become one of their new favorite destinations.

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