New Study Reveals Alaska Airlines as the BEST Airline for Inflight Experience

A new study by Upgraded Points has revealed the best airlines in the US for inflight entertainment.

The travel savings site has ranked the biggest airlines across the states by:

  • Entertainment 📺
  • Amenities 🔌
  • Comfort 💺
  • COVID measures 😷
  • Quality of food 🍽️
  • Variety of drinks on offer 🧃

to find the best in-flight experiences on the market and ensure that the journey is just as exciting as the destination.

Alaska Airlines ranks 1st overall for inflight experience in both economy and 1st class! 

After winning multiple awards, it’s no surprise Alaska airlines takes the top spot in this ranking, the airline provides great service and has a very loyal customer base.

Within the study they ranked highly for entertainment, amenities, comfort, food and drink.

It’s clear Alaska Airlines is the rightful winner as customers took to Twitter to rave about their experiences.

JetBlue closely follows Alaska Airlines in second place in the economy ranking. With Wifi and TV’s available on all of their flights, the low cost airline scored high for providing comfort to their passengers, across their 13 available planes.

To round off the top 3 is Delta Airlines. Scoring the highest in our economy ranking for entertainment, passengers will be more than occupied on their journey and can make use of the games and inflight messaging that they have available on their flights..

Top 10 US airlines for inflight experience (Economy) 

Rank  Airline  Total ranking (all scores from entertainment, amenities, comfort etc). 
1. Alaska airlines 66.8
2. JetBlue 66.7
3. Delta 62.4
4. United 50.7
5. American Airlines 48.4
6. Hawaiian Airlines 48.2
7. Sun Country 44.4
8. Southwest 40.6
9. Frontier 24.7
10. Spirit 20.2

Top 5 airlines for inflight experience (1st Class) 

With Alaska Airlines taking the top spot again, Delta moves up the ranks when it comes to their 1st class experience and comes in second. Delta scored at the top of our index for their highly rated food services, providing food/drinks at no additional cost, and also having the highest number of alcoholic drinks available on their flights.

United Airlines takes the 3rd spot in our 1st class inflight experience ranking. With 21 films available to watch on their flights, passengers will be entertained by their selection as these films scored the highest average IMDb ratings in our index.

Rank Airline  Total ranking (all scores from entertainment, amenities, comfort etc). 
1. Alaska Airlines 64.6
2. Delta 58.3
3. United 56.3
4. American airlines 45.1
5. Hawaiian Airlines 36.8

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