National Tequila Day Recipe from the Fairmont Mayakoba

Spice up your typical margarita with this recipe from Fairmont Mayakoba that will transport you to the beach.  

Recipe – Cucumber Habanero Margarita


  • 1oz 100% Agave Tequila Reposado
  • 1oz 100% Agave Tequila Reposado Habanero Infused*
  • 1oz Fresh Lime Juice
  • .75oz Agave Nectar*
  • Garnish: Orange Peel and Half Salted Rim
  • Glassware: Double Old Fashioned 12oz


First rim the glass with salt by taking a lime wedge and rubbing the outside of the lip of the glass. Then by using a plate with kosher salt on it press the rim of the glass to the salt. Salt half the rim.  Add all ingredients into a shaker tin then shake vigorously for 5 seconds. Strain over fresh ice into salt rimmed glass then garish with orange peel.

*Habanero Tequila:

Use 1 fresh habanero the size of a large strawberry. Slice is quarters then add to 1 bottle of Reposado tequila. Let rest for 24hrs.  Tequila is ready for use.

*Agave Nectar:

Using the similar ratio in making simple syrup do the same with agave nectar. One-part agave nectar: 1 part water. Feel free to add the zest of lime and orange to the syrup for added flavor.

16oz Agave Nectar: 16oz Water

Zest of 2 limes

Zest of 1 orange

Fairmont Mayakoba at Rivierea Maya

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