Florence’s Mimesi Urban Restaurant Launches Gluten-Free Tasting Menu

Mimesi is one of Florence’s most acclaimed contemporary restaurants and has already made quite a name for itself since its opening in August 2021. Now, Chef Giovanni Cerroni has perfected an innovative and inspiring menu which takes gluten free dining to an entirely new level of gastronomy.

As a seasoned gluten-free diner myself, I know only too well how many restaurants compromise poorly when it comes to providing gluten free options. So often, quantity takes control over from quality, with little thought paid to the flavours, textures, and presentation of a gluten free dish.

At Mimesi you can leave your concerns at the front desk, here, gluten-free diners can be assured that each plate will widen the eyes and broaden the smile. Sensational flavours awaken the palette, while incredible artistic interpretations joyfully push the boundaries of classic gluten-free cuisine.

Mimesi is a trail-blazer, a shining light for diners seeking a more refined restaurant experience. Each course is a delight to behold and every epicurean element a celebration of gluten-free alchemy. Cerroni’s refreshing style embraces a highly technical approach while retaining a sense of light-hearted joviality.

His sculptural selection of amuse bouche flirt with the eye and astound the taste-buds while the masterfully prepared seasonal vegetables and delicious, locally caught fish dishes lift the spirit and soothe the soul. Cerroni’s beautifully orchestrated meat courses evoke fond memories of classic gourmet favourites, yet these appear with fresh gusto and an enlightened sense of finesse.

Completing the Mimesi fine-dining experience are the exquisite desserts that round-off the journey of gluten-free gastronomy on a truly unforgettable high.
Refreshingly, Mimesi brings to the table a no-compromise gluten-free dining experience like no other, seamlessly blending five-star service with first class cuisine.

9 Course Gluten Free Tasting Menu

Fungo, levistico e radice di prezzemolo
Mushroom, lovage and parsley root
Cavolfiore, mandorla e latticello
Cauliflower, almond and buttermilk
Seppia, ricci e bergamotto
Cuttlefish, sea urchins and bergamot
Cappelletti al topinambur, carciofi e limone nero
Sunchoke cappelletti, artichokes and black lime

Risotto alle ostriche affumicate e shiso
Smoked oyster and shiso risotto
Ombrina, funghi e porro
Croaker, mushrooms and leek
Agnello, verza e patate
Lamb, savoy cabbage and potatoes
Pera…no waste!
Pear…no waste!
Foie gras, cioccolato e lampone
Foie gras, chocolate and raspberry


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