Madeira Belongs To All

15th April 2021 – “Madeira. Belongs to all” is the new slogan that, together with the new logo, gives life to the new brand unveiled by the Madeira Promotion Association. Developed from in-depth studies aiming to identify the greatest attributes of the territory, the conclusion was clear: Madeira is a place where everyone who visits feels a sense of belonging.

With over 600 years of history and more than 200 years of tourism, the region combines a subtropical mild climate and spectacular natural world, with a rich and unique historical and cultural legacy. In the past, Madeira was a mandatory mid-Atlantic stopping point for European explorers on their way to the New World and as a result has had countless influences from many cultures over centuries.

Madeira is a safe destination, with an immense set of experiences for everyone, from the land to the sea. The people are cheerful, dedicated and passionate about their island and ready to welcome whoever arrives.

Based on this message, the visual identity is more contemporary and represents Madeira as it is: vibrant and playful. The logo is composed from the deconstruction of the circle – a symbol associated with the idea of inclusion and the Madeiran spirit. Graphically, the circle represents the idea of union and perfection, but simultaneously diversity.

The brand’s strategy was a collaboration with Bloom Consulting and the new identity came from the work of the creative agency BAR and will be present in all of Madeira’s communication materials, nationally and internationally.

For Eduardo Jesus, president of Madeira Promotion Bureau, the new Madeira Brand “intends to trigger a unique feeling and to convey our purpose: To make each and every person feel that they belong here. This feeling of belonging is the reason why the brand exists. It is much more than the benefits or unifying characteristics of a region. The purpose of the brand is also its capability of bringing together our people and those who visit us around a common perception of what we propose to be and do”.

“Madeira. Belongs to all.” is based on four pillars:

A place where I feel good: with a mild climate all year round, Madeira is small enough to ensure all feel calm and very safe. Simultaneously, it still feels huge in diversity, nature and space to breathe.

A place where I feel among friends: this is a land that we feel we are part of, regardless of our age, interests or background. A place of authentic people, happy and proud of their history and culture. People who welcome like no other, who build friendships and perpetuate a destination that has welcomed tourists with open arms for over 200 years.

A place where I live like a local: Whether inhabitants or tourists, everyone enjoys what the island offers: every day there are four seasons in one island and, in an instant, it is possible to move from the mountains to the sea, or from the forest to the city. There is enormous historical and cultural wealth for everyone to enjoy, be it locals or visitors.

A place I always want to return to: There is endless offerings for tourists: from people to nature, from culture to gastronomy, the experience will never feel complete. You can come back at any time of the year, when you are cold, when you miss the island or when, quite simply, you want to feel good and alive again.

“Madeira. Belongs to all.”


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