Horseback on Harbour Island

If you’re into horseback riding, there may be no more beautiful place to do so than on Harbour Island in the Bahamas.

What’s interesting is that the horses on this tiny island seem to appear out of nowhere. The main drawing card to this three-mile long escape is a rose-hued stretch of sand titled, Pink Sand Beach. This beach is quite wide open and it’s fairly easy to peruse what’s going on for hundreds of yards in either direction.

If you’re engulfed in a favorite book or having lunch on the deck of your hotel, it’s easy to suddenly say, “Where did this come from?” This being a gent called Mr. Robert on top of one of his trotting stallions. Usually Robert accompanies someone who has arranged to go horseback riding. Other times it’s just Robert drumming up business.

The backdrop of turquoise water on the pink sand is quite a showcase for whomever is Robert’s audience on any given day. If you’re lucky enough to have camera in hand, there’s no telling what kind of memory you’ll capture.

Pink Sand Beach on Harbour Island is one of the Caribbean’s finest places to decompress or play photographer. Wild horses couldn’t keep Travel Dreams from thinking about this island beauty from time to time or going back in the future.



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