Four Seasons Nevis Golf

By Tim Cotroneo

When was the last time your retelling of a round of golf included the words volcano, vervet monkeys, and Robert Trent Jones? Those once-in-a-lifetime utterances will all

come spilling out after playing 18 holes at the Four Seasons Nevis Golf Course.

The thumbprint-shaped island of Nevis is just 36 square miles and is home to 11,000 people. By comparison, there are an estimated 12,000 vervet monkeys that inhabit Nevis. Many of these green-tinted climbers take up residence in the mango, banana, and palm trees woven throughout the Four Seasons 6,800-yard golf wonderland. The golf course is wonderfully positioned at the rising base of a cloud-topped volcano known as Nevis Peak.

Stand anywhere on Nevis’ outer ring of beaches, villa rooftops, or charming villages, and Nevis Peak stares at you like a lush green sentry in the sky. With a pinnacle reaching 3,200-feet, you can imagine architect Trent Jones designing in wide-eyed delight as he conjured ways to incorporate one of the most unique Caribbean backdrops a beachcomber, let alone golfer, would ever experience.

Volcano and Coco Advice

Ask at the Four Seasons pro shop for advice on navigating this mind-bending golf course for the first time, and a single recommendation always rings true. Just as putts break toward the Caribbean Sea, most of your tee shots will roll away from Nevis Peak’s cascading slope. A second question you’d be wise to volley is, “What’s the story on the dog that guides golfers like Tiger Woods’ next caddy.

This canine inquiry would prove prophetic for two golfers from Minnesota who had just teed off on the scenic 4th hole. This photogenic par 4 features a brilliant Yellow Bell tree and Nevis Peak standing in unison just left of the fairway. As the Midwesterners motored by golf cart toward their second shots, a tail and tongue-wagging mutt galloped up behind them.

The Minnesotans learned the dog’s name is Coco, and she knows the Four Season Nevis Golf Course like the back of her paw. Coco wished to turn a twosome into a threesome for the balance of 18 holes. To be joined by this four-legged Nevis ambassador added even more spice to a golf round that was already flavorful.

Monkeys and Photo Moments

The fourth hole proved to be the tamer of two monkey sightings. The more exotic sighting occurred when the golfers plunged down into the rain forest corridor that connects the 10th green with the 11th hole tee box.
It was in this Amazon-like existence that the golf cart weaved like a bobsled around limestone wall outcroppings and then down into a thick forest hosting no less than a dozen Vervet monkeys. The monkeys were spotted scurrying along the cart path, scaling the safety railings, and chomping mangos in the treetops. The Four Seasons Nevis Golf Course is like playing 18 holes on the pages of a National Geographic cover story.

Your Four Seasons Nevis Golf Course recollection would be remiss if you failed to mention the remains of a 1600s sugar mill that is perched elegantly above the second hole tee box, a “lonely tunnel” that is rumored to bless travelers with a bounty of good fortune, rainbow colored mega villas whose owners can boast magnificent views, and skyscraping elevations that make certain tee boxes and greens scream “selfie” to help chronicle your Caribbean dream round.

Looking Back on Nevis Golf

As you putt out on 18 and head back to the pro shop, you can’t help but reflect as the clubhouse attendant offers another Four Seasons personal touch, a cold towel to rejuvenate your face after a round in balmy temps. You’ve just danced with Nevis Peak, enjoyed a bit of monkey business, and experienced one of Robert Trent Jones’ most treasured creations.

The Four Seasons Nevis Golf Course shatters all preconceived notions held about Caribbean golf. Sure, the Caribbean Sea welcomes golfers with wistful ocean views, but only in Nevis will your scorecard note a volcano, vervet monkeys, a golf-happy dog, and thoughts of Robert Trent Jones smiling from ear to ear.

Tim Cotroneo is a freelance writer specializing in Caribbean travel, business, and golf.


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