Fairmont Mayakoba Reveals Renderings, Details of Spa Renovations

RIVIERA MAYA – August 22, 2023 –  Fairmont Mayakoba is proud to announce the commencement of the transformation of its renowned spa. Today, the property uncovers a first look at the renovation renderings, along with details of the design and features. Anticipated to be revealed this winter, the new spa features a contemporary design and natural elements, perfectly harmonizing with the breathtaking surroundings of Mayakoba. In addition, the new spa will introduce many features in its state-of-the-art facilities to offer guests an unparalleled wellness experience.

From culturally inspired treatments to impeccable design, Fairmont Mayakoba assembled a team of acclaimed architects, interior designers, and wellness consultants to create a sanctuary that transcends traditional luxury. Every aspect of the spa’s design is thoughtfully curated to inspire serenity. Locally sourced stone and wood materials create a seamless connection between the interior and the natural environment. Large windows bathe the space in soft natural light, illuminating lush indoor gardens and enhancing the sense of tranquility.

Beyond thoughtful design elements, the new spa will include several new features:

  • Temazcal Experience: To honor Mayan tradition, Fairmont Mayakoba will reveal its Temazcal as part of the transformation. Like a sauna or steam bath native to many ancient civilizations, the heated dome allows guests to connect with nature and embark on a profound spiritual journey of purification and renewal with rituals led by a shaman.
  • Botanical Garden: A brand new botanical garden will allow guests to select their own herbs for their treatment while learning about the benefits to their bodies.
  • Expanded Salon: The new salon will be the largest in the intimate gated community of luxury resorts in Mayakoba, providing a space of utmost comfort and indulgence for Fairmont Mayakoba’s esteemed guests.
  • Quartz Sand Massage Bed: This state-of-the-art quartz sand bed is designed so that the practitioner’s movements combine with the constant micro-massage of every single grain of quartz which brings a pleasant sensation of heat and relaxation throughout the body. In fact, the tilting movement featuring a 7° inclination, improves blood circulation and the overall result of treatment.

“We are delighted to share a first look at our spa transformation and to commence the final phase of our extensive multi-million-dollar property enhancements,” said Jacco van Teeffelen, General Manager. “With the completion of the spa this winter, the new Fairmont Mayakoba offers a truly well-rounded guest experience in wellness, culture, luxury, and beyond.”

During the renovation period, guests can still indulge in the spa experiences on the 4th floor of the Bambu Building. For more information on the property or to book a stay, please visit www.fairmont-mayakoba.com.


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