Experience an Atypical Getaway to Las Catalinas in Costa Rica with Beach Town Travel

GUANACASTE, COSTA RICA, April 4, 2023 — At the end of 2022, travel industry experts compiled their respective projections and predictions for the top travel trends to look out for in 2023.  Not surprising that multi-generational travel topped all of the lists.  With two years plus of a global pandemic forcing families to isolate and miss spending time together, the multi-generational travel trend is seeing significant momentum as long-lost ‘family reunion’ trips are top of the travel agenda for many in 2023 and beyond.

The 2022 annual report from the Family Travel Association <https://familytravel.org/>  found an increased interest in multi-generational groups that expands to “group travel” even outside the immediate family. This includes extended family trips with siblings, relatives, and other family members and even families not related to each other including friends and co-workers. The popularity of skip-generation travel or grandparents traveling with the grandchildren is on the rise together with one-on-one trips between a parent and child.  The 2022 U.S. Family Travel Survey also found an upswing in family trips to international destinations along with travel in bigger and more extended groups.

Many destinations are recognizing the role that family and multi-generational travel plays in the tourism industry’s recovery and the emphasis families and groups are placing on traveling this year and beyond to spend time together. Situated in the northwestern region of Costa Rica, Las Catalinas <http://www.lascatalinascr.com>  was founded on the premise of innovating a better way of living by connecting people to one another and to nature.  It was a natural progression that this car-free, seaside town would evolve into such a place where families and groups could gather, creating and sharing experiences over things, appreciating others in a landscape influenced by the natural surroundings –  a place that would appeal to all types of travelers searching to reconnect and make up for lost time.

Since many lost out on seeing family, friends and colleagues over the past few years, more and more travelers are turning to travel planners for their expertise in organizing the best trip for their group.  Travel planners are also taking personalization to the next level and are becoming more hyper localized offering on-the-ground intel and experience in a single city or town.  Addressing the uptick in family travel and especially group travel, Beach Town Travel <http://www.beachtowntravel.com>  is the preferred in-town travel partner for all travel planning needs for those visiting Las Catalinas. An established team of on-site dedicated travel planners with on-the-ground, insider knowledge of Las Catalinas, Beach Town Travel is a one-stop travel planner with guidance on everything from lodging to services to activities, providing expertise in planning an atypical trip to Las Catalinas for every type of traveler from start to finish.  Personally vetting and confirming all lodging options, venues and services, the team has spent years learning everything about the town and being on-site allows for real-time access to everything Las Catalinas has to offer.

Taking personalization to the next level means curating more intimate experiences for everyone in a group spanning multi-generations.  Avoiding the usual tourist excursions and highlighting experiences away from the crowds, Beach Town Travel creates vacations that are far from the ordinary.  Travelers can enjoy a special Sensoria Land of Senses & Magical Rainforest <https://www.lascatalinascr.com/experiences/sensoria-land-of-senses–magical-rainforest>  outing which is a private wildlife sanctuary on the skirts of Rincon de la Vieja Volcano. This rainforest hike takes guests through 6km of lush forests with blue water springs, thermal pools, waterfalls, and a glimpse into Costa Rica’s famed wildlife.  Another experience that Beach Town Travel can organize for guests is a Private Day Trip to Regenerative Cattle Ranch <https://www.lascatalinascr.com/experiences/private-day-trip-to-regenerative-cattle-ranch> .  Again, another excursion that is not a typical tourist attraction and away from the masses, this private day trip takes guests to the “La Vaqueta” regenerative cattle ranch, a unique location at the foothill of Rincon de la Vieja Volcano. Learn how regenerative cattle ranches operate while also learning about the forest, animals and other aspects of nature surrounding the farm.

Beach Town Travel can also set up experiences with La Estancia <https://www.lascatalinascr.com/experiences/welcome-to-la-estancia> , where guests can meet, greet, and groom a horse, snuggle a chicken take a short walk through the tropical dry forest to a hillside plant nursery. Learn about La Estancia’s composting program and their efforts to support the community of Tempate. Guests have the option to purchase eggs de gallinas felices, honey from La Estancia, and other organic products from one of their partner cooperatives with donations going towards the Collective Impact Campaign supporting regenerative agriculture, regenerative tourism, and climate resistance.  These are just a few of the immersive excursions Beach Town Travel offers travelers looking for more personalized and intimate experiences.

Beach Town Travel partners with Las Catalinas Collection to offer over 100 plus lodging options from private villas to beautiful hotel suites and their team of experts can match guests to their best accommodations based on their personal preferences and interests.  Ideal for multi-generational groups, the Bon Vivant <https://www.beachtowntravel.com/vacation-homes-at-las-catalinas/bon-vivant>  is a collection of the finest villas in Las Catalinas. These spacious villas are perfect for large groups and multi-generational families. With highly personalized services including a dedicated housemom for housekeeping and preparing snacks and more, Bon Vivant comes with amenities and services suitable for bigger groups with an array of needs.

For empty nesters or mid-size families and groups, Baranda <https://www.beachtowntravel.com/vacation-homes-at-las-catalinas/baranda>  is a carefully curated selection of flats and homes that are a true “home away from home”.  These charming and eclectic flats are located steps from the trails, beaches and heart of Beach Town and are a great option for travelers looking to blend into the natural rhythm of town.  229 Las Catalinas <https://www.beachtowntravel.com/vacation-homes-at-las-catalinas/229-las-catalinas>  is perfect for the smart traveler. These well-equipped flats and homes offer convenience, value and their locations make it an ideal home base to explore the town and the surrounding area.  229 is a popular choice among small families, solo travelers, couples, and friends. Beach Town Travel currently offers a Smart Traveler, Smart Rate <https://www.beachtowntravel.com/special-offers/smart-traveler-smart-rate%C2%A0>  giving the fourth night free in selected flats and homes.

Beach Town Travel also recommends the town’s 45-room boutique Santarena Hotel <https://www.beachtowntravel.com/hotel/santarena>  for those looking for a stylish stay in the heart of town.  Just minutes from the trails, beaches, shops and restaurants, the hotel is a bohemian escape that is a peaceful perch for the solo traveler embracing the unknown, the digital nomad looking to blend work with leisure in a beautiful setting, friends embarking on journey together or couples celebrating a long weekend.  With its dedicated team of experts right on the pulse of what’s happening in town, Beach Town Travel can arrange the most comprehensive trip for any type of traveler, solo or in larger multi-generational groups.  For families traveling with children, Beach Town Travel can arrange nannies or Kids Club programs through the town’s Elif Academy <https://www.elifacademy.net/> , swimming lessons at ConnectOcean <http://connectoceancr.com/>  at the Beach Club, horseback riding at La Estancia <https://www.lascatalinascr.com/experiences/welcome-to-la-estancia>  or Core Kids fitness classes at CORE by Chakfitness <https://chak.fitness/>  and so much more. For more information, contact here <https://www.beachtowntravel.com/contact>  or visit www.beachtowntravel.com <http://www.beachtowntravel.com> .


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