Exodus Travels Launches New 2022 Adventure Led Expeditions

Discover the wonder of breathtaking destinations alongside a group of renowned master explorers; including Angry Planet’s George Kourounis, NBC host Aliya Jasmine Sovani, and the “the man who walked the length of Africa” Mario Rigby.

Toronto, Canada. August 18, 2021: Award-winning adventure tour company Exodus Travels has announced a new lineup of itineraries in partnership with the Royal Canadian Geographical Society (RCGS): Exodus RCGS Quests. This series of journeys will provide travelers with life-changing opportunities to return to travel with exhilaration and excitement, guaranteeing the adventures of a lifetime – after what felt like a lifetime without adventure.

This limited-edition of 2022 small group trips are certain to answer the call of adventurous spirits, looking for opportunities to challenge themselves and expand their perspectives. Exodus RCGS Quests provide a rare opportunity to discover, learn and explore accompanied by world renowned explorers, authors, photographers, and conservationists. A portion of every Exodus RCGS Quest will be used to support RCGS fellowship grants, to continue to push the boundaries of modern exploration.

From the mysterious Valley of the Kings and spice-scented lanes of Marrakesh, to the hot springs and mud baths of Rincón de la Vieja, ancient cities of the Kathmandu Valley, and annual migration of wildebeest and zebras in Kenya, Exodus RCGS Quests are designed to satisfy the innately curious and intrepid traveler.

“We’re honoured to once again be partnering with the Royal Canadian Geographical Society,” says Robin Brooks, Exodus’ Marketing Director and RCGS Fellow. “After over a year and a half of staying put and staying safe, our appetite and humankind’s innate instinct to explore is stronger than ever. We’re thrilled to be able to provide an amplified and enhanced experience to travellers, a unique opportunity to journey through a destination from the perspective of an accomplished adventurer.”

“Further understanding of people and places, cultural heritage, and the natural environment is what contributes to the strength of the global travel community,” adds John Geiger, CEO of the RCGS. “As a non-profit organization dedicated to research and education, the Royal Canadian Geographical Society is very proud to be partnering with Exodus Travels, to have the opportunity to share our expertise, experience, and curiosity with travelers.”

The Exodus RCGS Quests series currently includes:

Embark on a legendary African journey reminiscent of the idyllic age of travel. From Cape Town to Victoria Falls, you’ll be accompanied by the great adventurer, author, and speaker Mario Rigby. Featured in the pages of National Geographic and Condé Nast Traveler, Mario is internationally known for his solo two-year, 7500 mile voyage from Cape Town to Cairo, entirely by foot and kayak. Mario is the perfect guide for this adventure through dramatic scenery, rich culture, and diverse wildlife in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe.

From the energetic streets of Cape Town and the high red dunes of Sossusvlei to elephant-filled Chobe National Park, this African adventure will leave you feeling exhilarated and in awe. From breathtaking views atop Table Mountain, to South African wines at a local wine farm; experience colossal sand dunes and haunting lunar landscapes in Deadvlei; and drive through Etosha National Park in search of zebras, cheetahs, lions, and giraffes.

20 days from $5899 USD
Departing February 20, 2022

With temples and tombs around every corner, astonishing history awaits travelers on this 5-star Exodus Classic. Spend 13 days exploring the mystery and magic of Egypt, led by renowned filmmaker, photographer, and RCGS Explorer-in-Residence, George Kourounis. Swap travel and expedition stories, learn about Kourounis’ work with National Geographic, and pick up new photography techniques and skills.

From the Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx, to the fresh seafood of Alexandria, desert sunrise in Abu Simbel, and 3-night river cruise ship down the Nile—fall in love with the history and beauty of Egypt all while accompanied by George, there every step of the journey to offer historical and geographical context.

13 days from $3349 USD
Departing March 25, 2022

Seeing Kenya through the lens of celebrated RCGS Photographer-in-Residence Scott Forsyth, travelers will truly experience a unique and immersive African safari. Scott’s innate curiosity, combined with his passion for the natural environment, makes him the perfect host for this sublime and stunning experience. Every step of the way Scott will be available to help you capture and commemorate the stunning landscapes and iconic wildlife of Kenya.

In addition to the white rhinos and elusive leopards of Lake Nakuru National Park, and the hippos and bright flamingos along Lake Naivasha, travelers will observe one of nature’s most breathtaking displays: The Masai Mara’s Great Migration. Watch thousands of wildebeest and zebras crossing a river overrun with crocodiles on their annual journey through the savannah.

7 days from $4579 USD
Departing September 11, 2022

Accompanied by award-winning reporter and television producer, Aliya Jasmine Sovani, discover the exceptional and unexpected in Morocco. A natural storyteller, Aliya has traveled the world and has reported on post-civil war Sudan; the potential impacts of a proposed pipeline in Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest; and the 2010 earthquake in Haiti for Discovery Channel. Aliya has countless stories and insights to share throughout your two weeks in this magical corner of the world.

Make your way through the majestic cities of Marrakesh, Meknes, and Fez before exploring the sand dunes and kasbahs of the southern mountain ranges. Take a camel ride in the Sahara and spend the night in a Bedouin camp; explore striking villages in the High Atlas Mountains; visit desert oases and palm groves; and stroll through artisans workshops alongside stunning beaches and perfect surf in the fishing port of Essaouira.

15 days from $2399 USD
Departing September 18, 2022

Gargantuan, snow-capped mountains, inviting beaches, pastoral rural villages, and an exceptionally friendly welcome is what awaits in Albania. Not until 1991, with the collapse of the People’s Socialist Republic of Albania, did the world get its first glimpse at the country within.

This adventure will offer travelers a firsthand look at this previously isolated country accompanied by international bestselling author, dynamic lecturer, and CEO of the RCGS, John Geiger. John has been featured on countless television and radio programs, as well as documentary films such as National Geographic’s The Angel Affect, which was based on one of Geiger’s many exploration themed books, so you can be sure he has endless anecdotes, insights, and stories to share.

Experience the diverse range of cultures and landscapes of Albania, from the artist havens in Voskopoje, sweeping panoramic views of the Gramos Mountains, ancient Greek sites in Llogara National Park, and the narrow-cobbled streets of UNESCO-listed Berat. Relax and enjoy the famous food and wine of Permet, visit crumbling castles in Korce, and follow in the footsteps of Julius Caesar at the site where his battles against Pompeii were won.

10 days from $1949 USD
Departing July 5, 2022

Experience the exceptional beauty and excitement of Costa Rica, through the eyes of Andrew Lovesey, adventure influencer and Director at Canadian Geographic and the RCGS. Through both his own boundless adventures, and his experience coordinating expeditions across the globe, Andrew has extensive experience as an explorer, with wild tales and unique stories to share as you make your way through the Costa Rica rainforest.

Drift along the magnificent aquamarine waters of the Rio Celeste on a river tube, surf at the famous white sand Tamarindo Beach, see the jungle from a new perspective as you fly through the rainforest on a zip-line, and enjoy some well-deserved relaxation with mineral-rich hot springs and mud baths. Home to some of the most diverse wildlife in the world and the most breathtaking sunsets, eight days on the sun-soaked Pacific Coast with international adventure expect Andrew Lovesey will leave you relaxed and recharged.

8 days from $3379 CAD
Departing January 22, 2022

See the Roof of the World with acclaimed RCGS photographer and Canadian Geographic Creative Director, Javier Frutos. This unique photographic expedition will show you why Nepal has long attracted active adventurers and fearless explorers. From the Alps to Antarctica, penguins to porpoises, Javier has explored and photographed many of the world’s most beautiful and often unseen moments. Javier will share tips on how to truly capture that once in a lifetime moment.

Discover all that Nepal has to offer on this 12 day adventure—the cultural meccas of Bhaktapur and Kathmandu and the tell-tale colourful boats of Pokhara; the charming villages in the Annapurna foothills; and the incredible wildlife of Chitwan. Experience a safari by jeep, foot, and dugout canoe, while you spot tigers, rhinos, crocodiles, and sloth bears. Relax on the shoreline of the peaceful town of Pokhara and watch the sunrise over the dramatic snowcapped Fishtail Mountain; stroll through the streets of Bhaktapur, listening to monks chant while you take in the town’s historic and religious monuments, and stop to admire local artisans weaving cloths and making pottery.

12 days from $3279 USD
Departing April 04, 2022

About Exodus Travels

Celebrating 46 years and winner of the 2019 National Geographic Traveler Reader Awards and 2020 British Travel Awards, leading adventure tour operator Exodus has a vast range of adventure and activity holidays across seven continents, offering places as diverse and as exhilarating as Kilimanjaro, Machu Picchu, the Ice Hotel, and Antarctica.They have hosted over 250,000+ travelers on adventures across the globe.Whether it is solo travelers, couples, groups or families, Exodus offers an incredible choice of trips for all ages and activity levels.

Operating in 100+ countries with 600+ tours, Exodus insists on low impact tourism and contributing to local communities. Exodus understands the importance of regenerative travel, now more than ever. Their rewilding initiative guarantees that for every person who travels with them, they will rewild 100 sq meters. Exodus is dedicated to creating incredible adventures that are run responsibly, so as the world reopens, their guests can continue to book and travel with confidence. To learn more about Exodus Travels, and how guests can book and travel with confidence visit exodustravel.com

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