Earth Day: Celebrity Cruises Paving the Way in Sustainability Efforts

As Earth Day quickly approaches (April 22), here is the latest sustainability news from Celebrity Cruises.

Royal Caribbean Group, Celebrity Cruises’ parent company, is taking bold steps toward achieving Destination Net Zero, its vision for net zero emissions by 2050.

See below for an outline of the exciting initiatives for any stories and/or round ups you have coming up for Earth Day.

  1. Upcoming Edge Series Ship – Tri-Fuel Engine

Celebrity Cruises is introducing a new flex fuel engine for the latest ship in the revolutionary Edge Series, launching later this year. The new ship will be equipped with a new tri-fuel engine model, along with storage and delivery systems, that will give unmatched fuel flexibility, with the ability to use three types of fuel, including methanol. This new tri-fueled engine will allow for a low-carbon-based solution ready to adapt and drive the industry forward to a more sustainable and net zero emissions future.

  1. Celebrity Beyond Innovative Ship Design

Celebrity Beyond is the latest ship in our fleet that showcases our drive to be leaders in sustainable cruise ship design. The ship is equipped with several features that reduce fuel consumption by another 20% compared to our previous generation of ships, including:

  • The re-designed ship’s bow (a parabolic ultra-bow) creates increased fuel efficiency, greater speed and a smoother ride for guests
  • An emissions purification system onboard that removes approximately 98% of Sulphur Dioxide emissions; and 97% of Nitrogen Oxide emissions.
  • Equipped with Shore Power to reduce its in-port emissions to near zero when at a port with connectivity.
  • The hull is also coated with millions of tiny bubbles to reduce the drag and improve fuel efficiency.
  1. The First Ship Designed Specifically for the Galapagos

Celebrity Flora is designed with the latest environmental technologies in mind as well as delivering in ultimate luxury.  It is also the first luxury mega-yacht with a 100-guest maximum, designed specifically for the Galapagos, proving you can practice responsible tourism and deliver ultimate luxury at the same time. The dynamic positioning system allows the mega-yacht to remain on station without dropping anchors, protecting the seabed—and the solar panels supplement electricity, reducing emissions. The result is one of the most eco-friendly ships sailing anywhere. More information can be found HERE.

You can find a full list of Celebrity Cruises’ environmental initiatives including going plastic straw-free, WWF & Save The Waves at this link:

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