Coexist in Cabo

Have you ever noticed how animals and bird life can exist in the strangest of circumstances? In Cabo San Lucas, birds deal with people, cruise ships, and extreme elements on a daily basis.

Over a 24-hour period, it would be interesting to observe how the birds residing on Cabo’s famous Medano Beach react or ignore to what happens around them. In most cases, it could be construed as a no harm, no foul existence.

How would you and I react under similar circumstances? Are you someone who shudders at the thought of your routine being disrupted or are you an individual who embraces new experiences?

On Medano, birds of a feather don’t necessarily flock together. The next time you react indignantly to a newcomer entering your space, rather than flipping the bird, perhaps the best advice is to let your new friend be the wind beneath your wings.



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