Cerulean Villa on Anguilla

Amazing 11-Bedroom Island Luxury
By Tim Cotroneo

There’s an air of mystery as you approach the Cerulean Villa on Barnes Bay Beach in Anguilla. The road to this 11-bedoom escape is purposely unmarked, so your driver shares the only clue for getting there.

While riding along on the main road running through the center of the island he shares a navigational hint to “turn at the church.” He does exactly that and then follows a quiet lane that curls to the right for ¾ of a mile. After pulling into the gated driveway you’re met by a smiling trio of blue-shirted Cerulean ambassadors.

The Personal Service Attendants, or PSAs, welcome you like a long-lost friend, and you’re quickly overtaken with the beauty of the Cerulean surroundings. The gardens leading to the entry are like an island version of Eden, just beyond the doorway you catch your first glimpse of the Caribbean Sea, and then you step up to a table serving Cerulean’s signature rum punch.

Cerulean- Beyond the Beach

For beach lovers, Anguilla is utopia. Just 16 miles long, Anguilla delivers 33 beaches, each seemingly more scenic than the next.

The Cerulean owners vacationed at the residence before becoming so smitten they decided to make it their own. Their beach address is Barnes Bay, one of the most private, picturesque, and dreamy stretches of white sand in all of Anguilla.

From every corner of this 20,000-square-foot villa, residents thrill to a visual smack of turquoise water that perfectly complements the auditory comfort of ocean waves. There is an unmistakable connection and appreciation with nature that reverberates throughout a Cerulean stay.

It’s Your Turn

You’re unpacked and ready to enjoy the splendor that is Cerulean Villa and the peaceful island of Anguilla. If you wondered about the Cerulean name, it refers to the color of blue that threads throughout the nine guest suites that are all exquisitely appointed.

The Properties in Paradise management team keeps Cerulean humming like a Swiss watch. The Personal Service Attendants, chefs capable of every dish, housekeepers who work quietly behind-the-scenes, and an able maintenance staff are all at your service. This personable and multi-trained team work either around the clock, or ala-carte. Many members of the crew have worked at Cerulean since the property was first built. Today, their sense of anticipation is remarkable.

The Cerulean architectural details that are seen or felt, are incredible. Many of the floors, paintings, tiles, and even ceilings have been imported from around the world. The owner’s mission is to over-deliver a villa luxury experience. The goal is for guests to enjoy the same feeling that led the owner to calling Cerulean a home away from home.

Imagination is Cerulean’s Reality

In your mind’s eye, imagine the most extraordinary Caribbean villa. What would this island villa include?

How about your own personal putting green and tennis court? How about a gardener who can make flowers, plants, and trees come alive with bursts of color? How about every culinary delicacy or favorite cocktail at your fingertips? Perhaps you desire a massage at the in-house spa or facing the ocean? You’ll soon realize that Cerulean Villa checks every box.

What if you could reserve a bedroom for each member of your party that matches their individuality, their priorities, and personality? Each of the 11 bedrooms has its own flair, its own sense of color, and to-die-for ocean views. Choices are abundant at Cerulean and picking just the right bedroom adds a bit of excitement to your first evening on island.

Exploring Anguilla

Once you’ve absorbed most of what Cerulean Villa has to offer, it’s time to explore the Barnes Bay beach stretching left and right. You discover that one of Anguilla’s top restaurants is within walking distance on the beach. Just beyond this seafood bistro, the Four Seasons Resort resides where you can dine at any of their three restaurants.

If you wish to experience all that Anguilla has to offer, the Property in Paradise team can arrange dinner reservations, golf at Anguilla’s Greg Norman-designed 18-hole course, or a boating excursion.

The Answer to the Mystery

At the end of your stay, something unexpected happens. On your initial drive to Cerulean, the island of Anguilla felt somewhat mysterious. Now, after connecting with the hospitality of the Cerulean team, savoring the island’s tremendous restaurants, and falling in love with Anguilla’s beaches, you don’t want to leave.

The sense of mystery you felt on day one has been replaced by a feeling that is warmer than the Anguilla sun. Upon getting ready to leave, you ask the Cerulean team which one has worked at the villa the longest. They all point toward Yvette, a housekeeper who smiles and says, “I’ve worked at Cerulean since before they laid the foundation.”

That’s when you discover the answer to the Cerulean Villa mystery. The oceanfront residence is so beautiful, once you’ve stayed there a day, you don’t want to leave.

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