Caribbean Resort Prioritizing Responsible Tourism & Sustainability

SAMANA, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC (November 15, 2023)Cayo Levantado Resort, nestled on the unspoiled island off the Samaná coast in the Dominican Republic, stands as a testament to the natural beauty of the island and the preservation of its own. Leveraging over 45 years of expertise in the tourism sector, Grupo Piñero has positioned Cayo Levantado Resort as a pioneering project, setting new standards in sustainability, innovation, and sophistication. Central to this groundbreaking approach is the concept of “the luxury of regenerating,” which harmonizes the guest experience, environmental preservation, and community engagement.

The resort, which recently reopened in June of this year, places a significant emphasis on energy and water conservation, along with an innovative approach to waste management, underlining its dedication to sustainability within the luxury segment.

“At Grupo Piñero, we’re committed to sustainability, embedding ESG principles across our operations. Our Sustainability Division, established in 2022, drives this eco-conscious vision. We’ve invested $3.15 million in environmental management this year, building upon our total of $24.36 million in green initiatives since 2016,” said Isabel Piñero, Chief Sustainability Officer of Grupo Piñero. “Our dedication to sustainable innovation is vividly exemplified at Cayo Levantado Resort. Rooted in a profound respect for the environment, our expertise is channeled toward safeguarding the delicate ecosystem and preserving its surroundings.”

Cayo Levantado Resort’s dedication to sustainability extends beyond its physical facilities. The resort plays a vital role in conserving the island’s unique flora and fauna. Through the Eco Bahia Foundation, the resort has undertaken an extensive landscaping project, eliminating invasive vegetation and reintroducing over 700 endemic and native island species to foster preservation.

Serving as a gateway to the Samaná Bay reef area, the resort is also a crucial sanctuary for birds, whales, and corals. To ensure its continued protection, the Eco Bahia Foundation collaborates with local NGOs such as CEBSE and FUNDEMAR to conserve and restore coral reefs.

Key Sustainability Initiatives at Cayo Levantado Resort:

  • Natural Landscapes: The resort stands out for its pristine natural environment, featuring three distinct ecosystems – coastal areas, semi-dry tropical forests, and humid tropical forests. Extensive efforts have been made to preserve native flora and fauna, including the removal of invasive species. Many of the species planted on the island are protected.
  • Renewable Energy: Photovoltaic panels have been installed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Energy Efficiency: The implementation of a centralized building management system enhances energy conservation. This is coupled with improvements to the cold-water system, including the installation of new recirculation pumps and temperature control.
  • Waste Management: An organic waste biodigester efficiently recovers gas from fermentation to produce energy. The resort has also established new recycling areas and entrusted the management of hazardous waste to an external company with expertise in the field.
  • Water Conservation: All water consumed at the resort is produced using a state-of-the-art condensation module, capable of generating up to 6,000 liters per day for consumption. The resort takes steps to reduce plastic waste by utilizing reusable glass bottles for drinking water.

Guests visiting the resort will experience an environmentally responsible journey. Sustainable initiatives range from paperless check-in, using ID bracelets as room keys, to rooms free of plastic and equipped with sensors for presence, lighting, doors, and windows. The RoomXperiencie control system empowers guests to monitor and manage their actual energy consumption.

Completing the resort’s comprehensive sustainability experience is the introduction of its water production plant, capable of generating up to 1,600 gallons of water daily by harnessing relative humidity through condensation, significantly reducing plastic waste by bottling water in glass containers.

With this landmark project, Grupo Piñero reaffirms its commitment to preserving the environmental wonders and rich biodiversity of the Samaná Peninsula, exemplifying its dedication to sustainability across its diverse destinations.

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