Caribbean Balconies –
Living on the Ledge

Caribbean hotel guests can thank Italian architects for one of the key selling points to island popularity. The word “balcony” is derived from the Italian word “balcone.”

Probably the most storied balcony in history is the one where Romeo and Juliet had their famous exchange. Today’s “Juliet” balconies are actually quite tiny and usually consist of a mere railing, rather than the expansive balconies found in most Caribbean high-end hotels and villas.

The magnetic pull of ocean turquoise can deliver a hotel view for the ages. Perhaps the Caribbean’s most picturesque balcony can be found at St. Lucia’s Jade Mountain Resort.

Add elevation to Caribbean oceanfront and you have the potential for breathtaking views. Imagine starting or ending your day with this kind of panoramic imagery. It’s no wonder the Caribbean offers several of the most stress-relieving vacation possibilities in the world.

So whether you’re a Romeo, a Juliet, or simply looking to add a once-in-a-life-time view to your vacation bucket list, Caribbean balconies will have you saying “Grazie.” Thanks to Italy’s window on the world.

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