Blarney Castle Inn
in Cabo San Lucas

A Million Dollar View for as low as $99
By Tim Cotroneo

One of the greatest hotel values in the entire Baja Peninsula is located high on a hill above downtown Cabo San Lucas. Guests staying at the quaint Blarney Castle Inn enjoy accommodations with million dollar views for rates as low as $99 per night.

Built in the likeness of the most famous castle in all of Ireland, the Blarney Castle Inn is Boston resident Joseph Evans’ gift to his adopted city of Cabo San Lucas. Evans, a native of Monaghan, Ireland, began vacationing in “Cabo” in the early 80s. In 1988, Evans purchased land on the mountainous site he loved to hike, and he soon began building his dream home.

What started out as a single penthouse for Evans and his family soon grew to become a hotel consisting of eight fabulously eccentric suites. Each Irish-flavored suite includes a custom kitchen. The Inn is for the discerning vacationer seeking a one-of-a-kind hotel experience that gets away from it all.

Castle on the Hill

In Spanish, the hotel is called the Castillo Blarney Inn. This bed and breakfast-style boutique hotel is a 35-mile drive from the Cabo San Lucas International Airport. In order to point taxi drivers in the right direction, merely state you are going to the hotel on “the road to Sunset Beach.” The Blarney Castle Inn is a mere five-minute drive from downtown Cabo San Lucas.

Upon arriving at the Inn, march the steps up to the terrace level in anticipation of a real treat. The final step leading to your suite gazes down at the city of Cabo, the marina, and the Sea of Cortez. This elevated view is what sets the Blarney Castle Inn apart from its all-inclusive peers residing on the sea-level shores of Medano Beach below.

“I love to watch people’s eyes when they get to the top step of our hotel or restaurant,” Blarney Castle Inn Manager Brian Santoyo said with a nod. “Their eyes lock in on the view and open real wide. The next thing I usually hear is the word “wow,” Santoyo said with a smile.

A Touch of Ireland in Cabo

Santoyo arrived on the Castle scene six years ago after tiring of the freeway traffic that is part of living in southern California. This mid-40s native of Huntington Beach, CA, exemplifies the vibe one can’t help but feel after spending a day at the Blarney Castle Inn. Santoyo’s business casual garb consists of sunglasses, golf shirt, shorts, and flip flops. “I no longer wear a watch. I just love the lifestyle here,” Santoyo said.

The historic Irish-themed ambiance of the Blarney Castle Inn is best evidenced by the original Castle Penthouse and Hidden House suites. The 2,900 square-foot Penthouse is a multi-leveled beauty that holds a maximum of ten guests. The outdoor patio deck can easily host a private fiesta for up to 30 people. For $325 per night, the penthouse is a perfect venue for a family reunion. Your family and friends memories of the spectacular Penthouse view will linger well into the next millennium.

It can be said that the spacious two-bedroom Hidden House is where the luck of the Irish finds a home in Cabo San Lucas. The face of the Blarney Stone was built into the Hidden House sculpted fireplace wall. Look closely and you’ll find a Gaelic inscription written into the fireplace surround. At $225 per night, the Hidden House is a Cabo escape that is hard to beat.

Lifestyle Living

The Studio Suite and One-Bedroom Junior Suite are accommodations that will make you think your bill includes a four-leaf clover. At $99 and $125 per night, these cozy suites include a full breakfast each morning. Relax in the hammock on your private terrace, take a dip in the pool, or just check out the view. With a full moon up above, there is nothing quite like sipping a marguerita or cool cerveza while viewing the city lights of downtown Cabo.

The hotel with the best view of Cabo is also a great place for dinner. Brennan’s Bar & Grill features Guinness beer, a wide selection of wines, and a menu featuring chicken, seafood, steaks, or Mexican dishes. Brennan’s terrace can hold parties of 200 people and is a superb site for weddings and special events.

“We’ve had many a couple hold their wedding reception and honeymoon here. With our elevated view, this is also a fantastic place to take in the fireworks on New Year’s Eve. On St. Patrick’s Day, we have Irish dancers perform here. Two of the dancers performed with Michael Flatley of River Dance,” Santoyo said.

Wow in Any Culture

Many vacationers come to Cabo because of its spectacular beaches, as well as world-class golfing and fishing. At the Blarney Castle Inn, just because you’re not right on the water, doesn’t mean you have to do without. “We can arrange for whatever excursions you desire. We lend out golf clubs, fishing, and snorkeling gear for guests. At the Blarney Castle Inn, all you need to bring is yourself. We supply the rest,” Santoyo said.

When traveling to a destination for the first time, it’s easy to have a preconceived notion of what you expect to see and feel. Hardly anyone anticipates discovering an Irish castle and pub in the heart of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

But for those who reach the top step to the entrance of the Blarney Castle Inn, Joseph Evans makes sure a single word shall cross your lips. “Wow” translates in any culture, but especially in English, Irish, and Spanish.

Tim Cotroneo is a Minneapolis-based freelance writer specializing in travel, business, and golf.


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