Bequia – A Forever Vacation

If you’ve never considered a vacation to Bequia before today, you may change your mind after viewing the striking island photographs taken by Wilfred Dederer.

Roughly 25 years ago, the German-born Dederer arrived on Bequia for a three-week vacation. Dederer found that this seven-mile slice of paradise offered awesome photographic potential. The pictorial pull was powerful enough for Dederer to plant forever roots and not look back.

Bequia is part of the 32 islands and cays making up the country of St Vincent and the Grenadines. Bequia, which means “island of the clouds” in Arawak, is a vibrant island hamlet embraced by 4,500 grateful inhabitants.

Dederer and his Nikon D200 camera never tire of the  photographic opportunities found in the Caribbean. Dederer’s spectacular aerial shot to open this article spotlights Bequia’s eastern edge. This lush and hilly locale is the site of a former sugar cane field and the place Dederer now calls home.

Bequia’s beaches, harbor and engaging populace make the island a favorite of the Caribbean yachting community. Whether you arrive by boat, ferry, or chartered plane, realize that once you vacation on Bequia, your current zip code is at risk. If you’re like photographer Wilfred Dederer, your “look what I’ve discovered” vacation may turn into a forever place called home.

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