Ask Your Doctor to Prescribe Beach

In this era of health care turmoil, what if your Doctor said that you’re experiencing an off-the-charts case of beach fever?

Hardly a day goes by that Travel Dreams doesn’t flash back to their favorite Caribbean beach scenes. Even if the escape is momentary, it’s sure to bring a sense of calm. Wouldn’t it be great to tap into this feeling generated by your fondest beach memories.

The best beach happening is when a new beach catches you completely off guard. Think about stepping out on a balcony, ¬†or peering around a palm tree, and experiencing a beach that absolutely blows you away. Wasn’t this moment priceless?

What is your favorite beach scene? Was it at a funky beach bar? Was it the view from your deck while sipping morning coffee? Maybe you experienced a once-in-a-lifetime glimpse from a sailboat? Perhaps just strolling a solitary strip of white sand turned into a moment you’ll never forget.

If you came back in a second life, wouldn’t it be great to step onto the podium of the New York Stock Exchange to announce you’ve invented the ultimate elixir. Amid great fanfare you proclaim the ability to mass produce and bottle “Beach.” Imagine the goodwill this magical feeling could generate in tablet or liquid form.

Let’s start this groundswell campaign today. During your next physical, ask your Doctor if he or she can prescribe a daily dose of “beach.”


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