Antigua – World Class Restaurant View

Sometimes the best experiences are when you have zero expectations. During a visit to the Caribbean island of Antigua, we wondered about a colorful building that was sitting high on a hill. We decided to make the trek and see exactly what was going on from this elevated perch.

We were delighted to discover Dennis Cocktail Bar &  Restaurant. It was hard not to be blown away by the restaurant’s 270-degree panoramic view.

Imagine having a cocktail or dinner while taking in the view captured in the photo above. The colors and tranquility of the moment were absolutely awesome.

Dennis, the owner, is a very down-to-earth guy who is eager to please. He is well aware that this restaurant he built by hand is something special. When he’s not tending to customers’ needs,  Dennis quietly observes as the heads of his guests swivel in amazement.

If one fabulous view isn’t enough, look behind you and this is what you see.

Experiencing Dennis Cocktail Bar & Restaurant in Antigua is one of life’s little pleasures. Who knew that by walking up a hill we’d find reasonably priced burgers and million dollar views.



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