Dennis Cocktail Bar -Antigua Restaurant with Incredible Views

By Tim Cotroneo

Have you ever seen something from a distance and wondered if it was worth exploring up close and personal? Here is a pictorial account of the amazing views we experienced upon checking out a restaurant perched high on a hill in Antigua.

During our first few days at Cocobay Resort in Antigua we couldn’t help noticing a colorful dwelling that appeared to be a restaurant. The only thing separating our resort and this building was Little Ffreyes Beach and a tall incline leading to the restaurant.

After a day luxuriating on beautiful Little Ffreyes Beach, my wife and I agreed to take a hike up the hill and see what this mysterious residence was all about.

As we climbed the first few steps, Dennis Cocktail Bar and Restaurant seemed like just another restaurant.

Our minds changed abruptly when we took in the view from the restaurant deck.

The 180 degree view facing our resort was almost surreal. The water color of the Caribbean Sea was off the charts turquoise. This quaint restaurant had perhaps one of the most amazing seascapes I’ve ever seen.

The owner, Dennis Thomas, stopped by our table to see what we’d like to eat or drink. We learned that the restaurant’s signature drink was called Romance and their most popular dessert was bread pudding.

Dennis mentioned that his residence was even higher up this same hill and he needed to get something from home. After I babbled about how beautiful his restaurant views were, Dennis asked if I’d like to see what the opposite side of the hill showcased from an even higher elevation. I joined Dennis up the path leading to his home. ¬†At the top, he pointed toward a boat sailing on water so blue it made my jaw drop.

As we sipped our chilled Romance cocktail and indulged in Dennis’ bread pudding, I happened to notice the restaurant views opposite the side facing our resort. Here was another slice of paradise, this one named Big Ffreyes Beach.

Before we left Dennis Cocktail Bar, I asked what ingredients went into making Romance. Dennis brought out each bottle and we placed them on the gazebo looking out on the Caribbean Sea. Here is what Romance looks like in Antigua.

Needless to say, I’m glad I followed my wife’s lead and explored the restaurant shining like a beacon on a hill. The next time you see something in the distance and wonder if it’s worth checking out, remember this story.

Tim Cotroneo is a freelance writer specializing in Caribbean travel, business, and golf.


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