Profile: Trinidad Photographer Melony Mejias

Photographer Melony Mejias hails from Trinidad, an island the Arawak Indians called, “The Land of the Hummingbird.” Trinidad is one of the Caribbean’s most populated islands, and sits between Venezuela and South America.

Travel Dreams is pleased to showcase some of Mejias’ favorite photos and find out more from this talented nature and wildlife photographer.

Where are you based? 

Melony: I am currently living in the capital city of Port of Spain, Trinidad.

(This Pigeon Point photo is one of the most popular pictures in my collection and a definitely a fan favourite. I took this photograph while I was on a vacation in the sister island of Tobago. I was at the right place at the right time to get this stunning shot of pigeon point beach.)

How did you get started in photography?

I started doing photography as a hobby and it developed into a lifelong passion of mine.

What is your favorite camera or “go to” camera?

My favourite camera is the Canon Rebel.

How do you educate yourself to take better pictures?

I entered my first competition in 2012 called “Birds of Trinidad and Tobago.” Unfortunately my photo did not make the cut. Subsequently,this experience prompted me to join online photography critique websites. I  also started watching many photography tutorials on YouTube.

(This flamingo photograph was taken at the infamous Caroni swamp located in Trinidad .  The Caroni Swamp is the second largest mangrove wetland in Trinidad and Tobago. The Caroni Swamp is also a wonderful site for bird watching. It is home to over 100 bird species including the flamingos in this photograph.)

What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos?

To be patient. Your photos will get better in time.

What is your photographic niche and what is it about this niche that appeals, inspires, or satisfies you?

My photographic niche is Nature/Wildlife photography. The peacefulness and the stillness of nature inspires me to appreciate the beauty that is all around me. You get to be ‘at one’ with nature. Nature/ Wildlife photography personifies patience.

(The Owia Salt Pond is located on the North Eastern Coast of St. Vincent in the village of Owia. The photograph depicts the volcanic rock formations that surrounds the salt pond which is like a crystal-clear tropical pool.)

What are the typical preparations that go into your photographic shoots?

Mainly for me is having a peaceful mind, a purpose and a focus.

What is special or unique about shooting photographs in Trinidad and Tobago?

To be honest, I have always wanted to travel and explore other countries. When I started taking photographs in Trinidad and Tobago, I realized what I was searching for is right in front of me. Trinidad and Tobago have some of the most picturesque sites and natural wonders of the Caribbean. The birds, the landscape, the wildlife, Trinidad and Tobago has everything in one.

(Pigeon Point boat shot- This photograph was taken at one of the most popular beaches in Tobago called Pigeon Point. The lighting, the composition and the story behind the shot prompted me to capture this striking image.)

What do you try to say in your photographs?

There is beauty in everything.

Anything I haven’t asked that you’d like readers to know about you or your photography?

I want the readers to know that I still have a lot of learning and growing to do in order to become the best photographer I can be. Fortunately, nature has indeed taught me patience, just knowing I will get there in time.

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