A View with Sacred Geometry

What is it about an ocean view that people find so moving? For some, this is the absolute best type of morning wakeup call.

This photo captures the Caribbean Sea view from a Maroma Resort and Spa balcony. Guests arise to a visual sensation offering shades of blue that are suitable for framing. Imagine the results of a before and after blood pressure check after spending a week at this hotel located in Mexico’s Riviera Maya.

When the architect designed this hotel, he arranged all the views according to something called Sacred Geometry.  The construction thought process centered on the idea that the power of energy fields effect the world we live in. Rooms, buildings, and even beds at the Maroma Resort and Spa are perfectly positioned to align with eastern and western exposures. The idea is to create a balance in one’s life.

Here’s to hoping there’s a view out there that brings you balance and pleasure. Geometry would be a favored college subject if students assembled in a classroom environment like this one on the shores of Maroma Beach.


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