2021 Commercial Bank Masters in Qatar: Highlights and Quotes

Antoine Rozner’s 60-foot birdie putt on the 18th hole captured the 2021 Commercial Bank Qatar Masters that took place March 11-14 in Doha.

In addition to acknowledging the tournament’s thrilling play, the participants were pleased with the precautions taken to provide a COVID safe golf experience.

The host Education City Golf Club is just a wedge shot from the Education City Stadium that will host the FIFA World Cup in 2020. The top players graciously shared their thoughts on the tournament, the COVID environment, and Education City’s top flight facilities.

David Law (Scotland)

There was a rigorous process to get into the country, which reinforces the fact that Qatar is doing things right and doing them properly. Everything that’s gone on since we got here has been to the book and I’ve felt comfortable the whole time I’ve been here.

I enjoy coming to Qatar. There’s no better place to have a golf tour event. There are unbelievable facilities, a great range and a good golf course. It’s in even better condition this year, the greens are amazing. It’s nice to be back and nice to see the course has improved, it’s young, but it has improved in a year.

The golf is good here. It’s a nice place to come and we get looked after well. This week we’re staying in the St. Regis, which is a nice hotel.

Garrick Higgo (South Africa)

I love Qatar Airways, I’m definitely going to fly with them more often. The hotels here in Qatar are great and I feel safe.

It’s my first time in Qatar. It’s a little different to Dubai, but I really, really enjoy it. It’s tough with the bubble but it’s really nice and the weather has been great.

Education City Golf Club is unreal.

Richard McEvoy (England)

The health and safety measures put in place were very reassuring. We’re very lucky to be coming here at the moment. We showed last year that we are running very safely with minimal positive tests, so the Tour have done a fantastic job and to come to Qatar at this time of year has been great.

Golf is growing here. We’re at a newer golf course this week, we had our first year here last year. We were at Doha Country Club for a long, long time, which is also a fantastic venue. New infrastructure is being put into place with the World Cup being here, and golf courses are cropping up more and more. They are spending money on sport, which is fantastic, it’s great for youngsters coming through.

It’s pretty cool playing next to one of the football stadiums. My son is a massive football and golf fan, and I took a photo of the stadium here to send it to him, he was very jealous. Travelling around you can see two or three others en route from the hotel, it looks like they’ve done an amazing job so far.

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