10 Reasons to Love
Ocean Club Resort

A Turks and Caicos Love Affair

By Tim Cotroneo

The Ocean Club Resort is one of Turks and Caicos’ longest running success stories. Yes, the resort’s prime location on Grace Bay Beach has a lot to do with its nearly 30- year track record of welcoming guests from around the world. The question is, “What are Ocean Club’s key ingredients to hospitality happiness?”

Let’s take a photographic journey on how Ocean Club has won the hearts of beach lovers since 1990.

10. Grand Entrance 

You only get one chance to make a first impression. There is something so Caribbean about the Ocean Club’s curvy passageway leading up to their vibrant sign.

Their entrance triggers a feeling of excitement and reassures guests that, “We’ve made it. We’re here. We’re so close to the Caribbean Sea.”

9. Grace Bay Beach

We could have teased you and left Grace Bay Beach for the end. Let’s face it, this legendary 5-mile long beach is why 99 percent of vacationers make the journey to Providenciales.

So in the spirit of the good people running the show at Ocean Club, here is a classic photo of Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos’ grand dame in turquoise.

8. Two for the Price of One 

After comparing resort prices, you’ll soon realize that Ocean Club is one of the best values on the island of Providenciales. This bang for your buck realization is why a significant portion of their guests are return customers. Another plus is that Ocean Club vacationers have access to all the amenities and services at Ocean Club West, their sister property down the beach. Double your pleasure by staying at Ocean Club.

7.    Cabana Bar 

If beach bars are what you like best about the Caribbean, you’ll love the Ocean Club’s Cabana Bar. This bar and restaurant is arguably the closest to the ocean of all the venues on Grace Bay Beach.

If you had to pick just one entrée, you can’t go wrong with the Cabana Bar’s almond-crusted grouper. If you desire one cocktail that is sure to quench your island thirst, their Rum Punch cocktail tastes like heaven in a glass.

6.    Sweet Suite Views 

The majority of Ocean Club accommodations include kitchens. You’ll discover there is nothing quite like a morning wakeup call featuring a Turks and Caicos ocean view.

Cook up some eggs and toast, add a little fruit, and pour yourself a cup of coffee. Take a seat on your balcony porch and gaze at the amazing view of the courtyard, the pool, and Grace Bay Beach. What a way to start your day!

5.    Dive and Snorkel in Turks and Caicos 

Long before Providenciales was known for its beautiful beaches, the island was famous for its diving. Divers thrill to the sight of turtles, Parrot Fish, Yellow Tangs, French Angel fish, Blue Hamlets, and dolphins.

If you’re looking for the “go to” resource for the best in diving and snorkeling, look no further than Provo Turtle Divers, located right on the Ocean Club property. Their experienced team will hook you up with the best dive and snorkeling options based on your level of skill.

4.    Provo Golf Club 

Loyal Ocean Club returnees love the convenience of the resort’s location. If you’re hoping to mix golf with your beach vacation, realize that Provo Golf Club is located across the street from Ocean Club.

Provo Golf Club features a beautiful clubhouse, conch shell tee makers, flamingos, and palm trees as far as the eyes can see. Want more? The golf course is a mere five minute walk from the Ocean Club entrance.

3.    Opus and Solana Restaurants 

If your Providenciales vacation is centered around a special occasion, Ocean Club has two fine dining options to celebrate. Opus Restaurant at Ocean Club and Solana Restaurant at Ocean Club West both add a touch of Caribbean class to your special night out.

Opus offers a beautiful indoor-outdoor setting for your special dinner. Opus also is home to an extensive selection of fine wines and rums.

Solana Restaurant, located at Ocean Club’s sister property, Ocean Club West, is Turks and Caicos’ first Teppanyaki venue. Watch the magic moves of Solana’s artistic chefs, and savor a great meal of Teppanyaki favorites under the stars.

2.    Gardens Galore 

Both Ocean Club and Ocean Club West are known for their amazing gardens and beautiful courtyards. Walking from your suite to the beach is is a treasure for the senses. Live a little by enjoying the array of colors showcased along the Ocean Club walkways.

1.    Grace Bay Beach !!

Ask an Ocean Club returnee what they like best about the resort, and the words “Grace Bay Beach” are sure to be high on the list. In fact, Grace Bay is so picturesque, we thought it was worth mentioning twice.

If you love strolling the beach, Grace Bay is as good as it gets. Since 1990, Ocean Club Resort has delivered everything you could ask for in a Grace Bay Beach getaway. You deserve a Caribbean vacation. Isn’t it time you came up with your own list of reasons for staying at Ocean Club?


Tim Cotroneo is a freelance writer specializing in Caribbean travel, business, and golf.




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