Which Airlines Provide Best In-Flight Entertainment?

In the spirit of the holiday season, many Americans will dock hours airborne in order to spend time with family and friends. During this busy time for the travel industry, the analysts at CableTV.com have created a report revealing which airlines have the best in-flight entertainment value and options to keep their passengers well-distracted and delighted during the flight.

Which airline provides the best in-flight entertainment experience for its passengers?

Read the full report here: https://www.cabletv.com/blog/best-in-flight-experiences

Report highlights include:

  • JetBlue ranked first amongst the 10 major US airline companies by offering a competitive edge in comparison to their rivals (including plenty of legroom, snooze kits with eye masks and earplugs, and the ability to watch live TV with 36 channels).
  • More airlines are rolling out free in-air messaging — this in-flight perk is offered on JetBlue, Delta, Alaska Airlines, and (very select) United flights.
  • Unsurprisingly, the three distinctively budget-friendly US airline companies tied for the lowest position, offering no entertainment to their passengers. (Allegiant, Frontier, and Spirit)

To determine each airline’s ranking, our data analyst team researched the options offered by 10 major US airline companies: seat-back consoles, personal device access, variety and pricing of movies, TV programming, music, games, and other entertainment. Each extra cost (if any) and engagement value were weighed while factoring in Wi-Fi availability and overall customer satisfaction scores.

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