What’s Happening in Bonaire: Wellness, Culinary, and Pledge for the Planet

A Pledge for the Planet

Bonaire recently launched The Bonaire Bond, a thoughtfully designed destination pledge committed to protecting the island’s natural beauty for generations to come – although sustainability has long been in their DNA from being home to the Netherlands Antilles’ first national park, to a 100% marine protected shoreline.

The pledge invites visitors to sign a promise to travel responsibly, and serves as a reminder of how critical eco-friendly tourism is to the livelihood of Bonaire’s local community.

Growing Culinary Scene

The island has recently become certified as a Culinary Capital by The World Food Travel Association (WFTA), a non-profit organization recognized as the world’s leading authority on food and beverage tourism (release HERE). Bonaire’s culinary scene has been steadily burgeoning over the past few years (images HERE) offering chefs’ tables, food trucks, a new tiki bar and everything in between. It has also recently been the focus of Michelin star talent who have been inspired to create new, unique options for foodies on the island. This summer, the island welcomed its first Rum Festival and Bonaire is about to have its own exclusive coffee roaster (a first): Bonchi Boneiru, at LVV farmers’ market beginning on July 10.

Wellness Off the Beaten Path

There’s is a brand new wellness center on the island – Bindu. Wellness, yoga and other ‘zen’ activities are available here as of August 1.

Morning Ocean Yoga is also now available at Sorobon Beach Resort, along with wonderful massages at the outdoor massage hut directly on the beach.

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