Welcome to The Stanford Inn by the Sea

The Stanford Inn by The Sea is a California inn that authentically embraces and  understands eco-tourism.

The inn features a completely whole food, plant-based menu and helps guests take their experience home through exploration of their surroundings.

During your stay at The Stanford Inn you can also look forward to experiential classes in cooking, growing food, and meditation.

The Stanford Inn by The Sea — is a luxury, plant-based eco-resorts overlooking the majestic Mendocino Coast.

It is designed to help guests travel in a way that protects and respects the destination, as well as improve their own well-being.

Here are a few ways this Inn is truly unique: 

  • It seeks to simultaneously create joy in communing with natural surroundings while also lowering guests’ carbon footprint – encouraging them to move through forests, beaches, backroads, and water
  • Is one of the rare resorts that is truly committed to offering and promoting a whole food, plant-based cuisine, with no ersatz or processed substitute ingredients.  (Many resorts that claim to be vegan-friendly still offer meat and dairy cuisine as well.)
  • Features a full complement of experienctial and exploratory classes plant-based food preparation
  • Has its own farms and a farming staff that teaches classes in growing food.

The Inn owners Jeff and Joan Stanford report that their guests find deep joy in knowing they are not in any way contributing to the depletion of the planet’s resources

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