Valencia’s World Paella Day Cup 2023!

VALÈNCIA, Spain (May 24, 2023) – The anticipation builds as the fourth annual World Paella Day CUP draws near, bringing together talented chefs from around the world to compete for the prestigious title of the best paella maker. Scheduled to take place on September 20th in Valencia, this highly anticipated event coincides with International Paella Day, paying homage to the internationally beloved Valencian dish that has captured the hearts and tastebuds of people worldwide. In a break from tradition, Spain will serve as the esteemed host for the competition, but will not participate, allowing the spotlight to shine on a more diverse roster of gifted chefs.

What sets the World Paella Day CUP apart is the active involvement of the public in the selection process. Their votes will play a pivotal role in determining the finalists who will qualify for the coveted trophy and be recognized as the ultimate paella chef. The search for participants has already commenced, with aspiring chefs having until May 29th to submit their application forms along with a 59-second video showcasing their personal story, the country they wish to represent, and their motivation for joining the competition. To apply, interested individuals should complete the form and submit it, along with their photo and video, to

The judging panel, consisting of industry professionals, will evaluate the candidates based on public votes, their culinary journey, and the video submissions. From June 7th to 25th, the public will have the opportunity to cast their votes for their favorite chef, amplifying their support through social media using the hashtags #WorldPaellaDayCUP and the contestant’s designated hashtag. The finalists selected by the jury will not only contend for the esteemed title of best paella chef on International Paella Day but will also partake in the immersive experiences and activities offered at the World Paella Stage. This gastronomic extravaganza will span a week and provide an unparalleled opportunity for the finalists to immerse themselves in the rich culinary culture of Valencia, the birthplace of paella. Guided by renowned paella experts, the finalists will explore the rice fields of the Albufera Natural Park, the Central Market, and the Huerta de València, gaining invaluable insights and inspiration. The culmination of this remarkable journey will take place on September 20th, when the ten finalists face off in a thrilling culinary showdown, demonstrating their expertise in preparing the perfect paella. The winner will be crowned the best paella chef and presented with the prestigious trophy, symbolizing their mastery of the iconic dish.

“We are thrilled to embark on another exhilarating journey to find the best paella chef in the world through the World Paella Day CUP. This competition not only celebrates the artistry and flavors of paella but also showcases the culinary talent and cultural diversity of chefs from around the globe,” says Maximo Caletrío, promotions manager for Canada and the U.S, Visit Valencia Foundation. “We invite the public to join us in this gastronomic adventure, as their votes and support will play a vital role in determining the finalists and ultimately crowning the champion of the World Paella Day CUP.”

As the world eagerly awaits the announcement of the World Paella Day CUP 2023 winner, it is evident that the public holds immense power in shaping the outcome and elevating the global influence of paella culture. The countdown has begun, and the stakes have never been higher. Join us in celebrating the passion, creativity, and culinary excellence that define the World Paella Day CUP. For more information, please visit the official World Paella Day website at

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