Valencia, Spain Golf – What a Wonderful World

By Tim Cotroneo

Play 18 holes in Spain and you’ll meet golfers from all over the world. Enthusiasts from Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, France, Ireland, Iceland, Belgium, Finland, Holland, and all points in between come to play in a land dating back to 138 B.C..

Speak with the golf professionals at the courses in Valencia, Spain, and you’re encouraged to hear the sport is alive and well. One course hosts 30,000 rounds in a year, another 40,000 and another 55,000.

There’s a respect, friendship, and joy that you can feel playing golf in a land whose first course opened in 1891. The country that gave us Seve Ballesteros, Sergio Garcia, and Jose Maria Olazabal is a unique mixture of mountains, ocean, and after round celebrations.

A Look Inside Valencia Golf

Valencia is Spain’s third largest city and located on the southeastern coast referred to as the Costa Blanca region. The city in which the food paella originated is home to an eclectic mix of golf courses. Some are wedged inside villages, some are drenched in history, and others compare favorably with the most elite tracks in the world.

Let’s look at three Valencia, Spain golf courses that will open your eyes, heart, and mind to playing golf with an international flair.

Lo Romero Golf Course

Located in the Alicante province of Spain, Lo Romero Golf Course wastes no time in “wowing” newcomers to this lush former citrus orchard. Not only is Lo Romero the most manicured of all the Valencia golf courses, it’s also the most marketing savvy.

The Lo Romero clubhouse is perched on an elevated plateau that allows golfers to survey the ultra-landscaped terrain for miles. About 20 yards from the clubhouse is a giant golf ball that is positioned perfectly between the viewpoints looking out on the 9th and 18th greens. The golf ball happens to have the words “Lo Romero” emblazoned across its circumference, and this symbol draws photo happy golfers like bees to honey.

Lo Romero’s marketing prowess can also be found in this 6,200-yard layout’s abundant sand traps. The course’s long-time Superintendent Manuel Fernandez contributes to their marketing campaign by molding the name “Lo Romero” into the sand traps.

The 325-yard, Par 4, 9th hole, and the Par 4, 370-yard 18th hole run parallel to each other. They’re both great finishers, especially considering that those who’ve already concluded their round watch golfers on these two holes sink or swim from Lo Romero’s majestic clubhouse patio. With local favorites Estrella Levante beer or Riojo wine in hand, this festive audience enjoys a birds-eye view of approach shots and putts along the side-by-side greens.

The 18th hole is especially dramatic as it there is no bail out on its island green that is preceded by a walkway and then nothing but water.

The 18th’s ample and picturesque water is where Lo Romero’s “Island of Golf” tagline comes into play.  Lo Romero is a must play for vacationers wishing to bring home a forever Valencia golf memory.

El Saler Golf Course

When researching Valencia golf, the name El Saler comes up again and again. El Saler is annually ranked one of the best golf courses in all of Europe.

El Saler credibility grabs golfers by the shirt collar even before the first hole. You can’t miss a plaque revealing the course record of 62 is held by none other than Bernhard Langer. To further elaborate on El Saler’s history among the best in European golf, consider that this 6300-yard nature reserve has hosted several Spanish Opens including two won by Langer.

For U.S. and Canadian golfers used to meticulous conditions, the raw environment that is El Saler may be an eye opener. The wild natural grasses golfers contend with throughout the course are highlighted and described on each tee box. In fact, El Saler is part of a natural park that includes rare species of birds.

Throughout your round you can hear, but not necessarily see the Mediterranean Sea. On the 8th, 9th, 17th, and 18th holes, the ocean waves get up close and personal. On a windy day, El Saler may hint of Ireland or Scotland golf.

The total El Saler experience may include staying at the Paradore El Saler. This luxury hotel is one of several state-maintained lodgings throughout Spain who pride themselves in service, views, and stylish accommodations.

Club de Golf Altea

Charming is the best word to describe the Club de Golf Altea experience. Nestled within the hillside of Altea, this petite nine-hole golf course appears like it could have been a ski village in a previous life.

The Altea clubhouse towers above the golf course and offers amazing views. The course itself highlights mountain backdrops on several holes and demands precise course management throughout.

For those wishing to play 18, Altea proposes playing from different tee boxes on the back nine. Despite the elevations, Altea’s health-conscious European audience can usually be found walking, rather than riding what are referred to as “buggies,” rather than golf carts.

A great way to go all in after your round is by requesting a meal of paella. This centuries-old rice and meat fare was born in Valencia. A locally brewed Botella Mahou beer is also a refreshingly local way to quench your thirst.

Small World- Great Golf

Whether you play Lo Romero, El Saler, Altea, or all three, you’ll find Spain to be a tee to green wonderful golf host. The best part of playing under Valencia’s trademark electric blue sky is the people you meet from Sweden to Belgium and all parts in between. Regardless of where you’re from when golfing in Spain, shake hands with your new friends on the 18th hole and say, “What a Wonderful World.”



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