Unique Fall Adventure Travel – Whale Watching on Colombia’s Pacific Coast

Adventure travel is trending all over the world, as people are looking to get out, see new sites, and try out different experiences. For those looking for dazzling new travel ideas this summer and fall, Colombia’s whale watching season lasts from July through November and offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature as travelers venture to Colombia’s mostly untouched Pacific Coast.

Below are three options of off the beaten path destination in Colombia to go whale watching this summer.

Bahía Málaga…

The Uramba Bahia Málaga National Natural Park is an excellent location to see the peaceful giants in their snowbird summer habitat. It was newly formed as a National Natural Park in 2010, making it perfect for travelers looking to explore a new destination.

  • Where to stay: The nearby town of Buenaventura offers different types of accommodation. Casa Majagua Hostel in Ladrilleros beach offers a beachfront experience, or the Cosmos Pacifico Hotel in Buenaventura is ideal for visitors craving the comforts of a city hotel.
  • What else to do: There are several hiking trails that provide endless chances to see the native flora and fauna up close. Visitors may also opt for kayaking trips along the mangroves or spend the day at one of the many stunning beaches in the area.
  • Insider tip: Afro-descendent and indigenous communities in the area operate most hostels and tours and can provide great perspective into their ancestral relationship with the territory and how their culture has contributed to the conservation of the ecosystem. 

Gorgona National Natural Park…

Gorgona is a small island that is home to natural paradise and is a hub for research on coral reef and tropical rainforest systems, dubbing it “Science Island”. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984, it was once a maximum-security prison. Only National Park staff and scientific researchers reside in Gorgona and visitors must obtain a permit prior to their trip, as access is limited to protect the ecosystem.

  • Where to stay: Because it is a National Park and a protected area, there is only one hotel on the island. Boats to Gorgona are scheduled three times a week, so a two-night stay minimum is required.
  • What else to do: There are three hiking trails to explore the island, and visitors can find freshwater springs and rivers to take a quick swim along the way. Aside from whales, visitors can also spot dolphins, sharks and 140+ bird species.
  • Insider tip: Visitor are not allowed to enter the island with single use plastics, food, alcohol, or non-biodegradable sunscreen.


Nuquí is a municipality on the Pacific coast of Colombia, known for some of the most spectacular natural landscapes in the world. It is very remote, with none of the disturbing noise or complications of modern life. When visitors are done whale watching, they can check out various waterfalls, lonely beaches, amazing surf spots, and rainforest trails.

  • Where to stay: There is no shortage of ecolodges in and around Nuquí. We recommend Pijiba Lodge, a six-cabin lodge nestled in the rainforest and steps away from the beach built with local elements and solar powered.

  • What else to do: Nuquí’s beaches are perfect for surfing and there are several schools that offer lessons. There are also several waterfalls, rivers and hot springs in the area that can be easily visited in half day trips.
  • Insider tip: Cell service is spotty in Nuquí, making it the perfect destination for a digital detox.

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