Trio of Luxe Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Golfer Dads

Stewart Golf manufactures the world’s most advanced, remote-controlled golf caddies and is a pioneer in “follow technologies,” many of which have been incorporated into the award-winning Q Follow. This highperformance machine offers golfers the ulCmate hands-free experience and freedom out on the course, allowing them to focus enCrely on their game. UlCmately, the Q Follow is great fun to use and aFer all, isn’t golf supposed to be fun?

Every new Q Follow comes with Stewart’s industry-first, 100-hole moneyback guarantee, offering golfers the chance to experience a Stewart dream machine completely risk free. Available in black or carbon finishes, 18- or 36-hole baQeries, retail pricing starts at $2699.

Create a One of a Kind Golf Bag

Create A One-of-a-Kind Golf Bag ( ORCA Golf is the leader in custom-designed golf bags, giving Dad the opportunity to create his own golf bag—including colors, features, personalizaCon, and other design elements (pockets, zippers, connectors). Because Dad is a unique individual, the golf bag he uses should be uniquely his.

ORCA’s creaCve team will prepare an iniCal design then work with Dad (or you, if it’s a surprise) unCl completely saCsfied. Once the bag is in producCon, ORCA Golf will stay in touch for approvals along the way. The completed, one-of-a-kind creaCon is shipped directly to Dad. Prices start from $850 for a carry bag and $1,100 for a tour-sized bag.

Fit for a King

When his clubs don’t look as good as his other equipment, send Dad to The Kingdom of Golf at Reynolds Lake Oconee for the ulCmate in club-fidng. You’ll be his favorite child, for sure!

He may not play on the PGA Tour, but your Dad is a real pro, so treat him to a comprehensive club-fidng and building experience typically reserved for the pros. At the Kingdom of Golf, Reynolds Lake Oconee, in Greensboro, Georgia, a TaylorMade Tour Club FiQer will put dad through the same technologies used with the world’s best golfers, matching him with the perfect equipment for his swing.

Once ouiiQed, Reynolds Lake Oconee offers 117 holes of golf designed by some of the game’s greatest architects, including Bob Cupp, Rees Jones, Tom Fazio, Jack Nicklaus, and Jim Engh.
And, if he wants sCll more pro experience, sign him up for a round with The Kingdom’s director of player development Blake Adams who will give him a playing lesson while telling stories from his 20 years on the PGA Tour, including playing in The U.S. Open, PGA, and Players Championships. Prices vary based on length of stay, club fidng, and number of rounds of golf. Call (706) 467-3563 for addiConal informaCon.

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