The St. Regis Bermuda Opening in May 2021


The St. Regis Bermuda Resort is set to open in May 2021 and will be situated in St. Catherine’s Beach, St. George’s. Once completed it will be the most exclusive and luxurious development on the island.

Offering a privileged lifestyle experience, the property will be managed to the brand’s unsurpassed reputation for excellence and anticipatory service, just as St. Regis has stood as a symbol of uncompromising elegance for over a century.

Why the St. Regis Bermuda should be your next vacation?

  • Accommodation: Crafted with higher standards, each of the residences offers a stunning view across the Atlantic through floor-to-ceiling glass windows. The immaculate interior design, the grand view, the clean air, the sense of prestige and freedom: the elevated residences offer a unique residential experience in Bermuda’s most desirable waterfront location.

  • Dining: The guests will enjoy an extraordinary selection of restaurants and bars, including a flavorful breakfast/lunch restaurant, BLT Steakhouse New York, a sophisticated Drawing Room space, and an iconic St. Regis Bar.

Experiences:  The guests can visit the very first casino for the St. Regis brand and in Bermuda, relax at the spa or play golf with captivating ocean views.

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