The Leo Kent Hotel – History in the Making

Preserving and supporting history within the buildings of new businesses may be the key to elevating hotel experiences.

A new 2023 hotel in downtown Tucson, The Leo Kent, does just that; tastefully redesigning the inside of the largest building in Tucson.

Promoting history within a hotel experience may be the key to sustainably maintaining a city’s architectural treasures. Rather than tearing down the original brick and mortar, and its history along with it, these buildings can be tastefully redesigned or upgraded on the inside and give the outside a fresh look and purpose.

The Leo Kent in Tucson, AZ

In most recent news, The Rio Nuevo District Board and the City of Tucson authorized the construction of the bottom nine floors of the largest and most recognizable edifice in Tucson to become a southwestern old Pueblo-inspired Portfolio hotel. The antique and warm interior design is inspired by Arizona heritage and incorporates Pueblo culture to weave in the old as well as the new. Additionally, the restaurant and bar to be inside the hotel, The St. Cruz, named after and inspired by the historic Santa Cruz river that flows through the city, will provide elevated Southwestern cuisine.

Formerly the One South Church building in Downtown Tucson, the  Leo Kent Marriott Tribute Collection Hotel will make its debut in early 2023. The building itself is not only highly recognizable by locals and visitors, but is the beating heart of Downtown Tucson’s street transportation, nightlife and metropolitan ambiance. Repurposing this building into a fresh and cozy place to stay might be the future of projects in western cities where history is being preserved.

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