Tenerife: Rock Climbing & the Highest Peak in Europe

If there’s one thing Tenerife can brag about, it’s extraordinary natural spaces. The island’s unique volcanic landscapes have molded into some incredibly magical climbing areas. The year-round warm weather is another reason for Tenerife’s enduring popularity amongst the climbing community.

Tenerife is the ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds and a favorite among climbers. Here are some areas to explore in Tenerife for rock climbing.

Adventure Guide: Our Top Picks for Rock Climbing in Tenerife

Tenerife boasts incredible spots for diving, windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, as well as hiking and mountain biking trails. The island’s small size means that most attractions are within a 45-minute drive. You can start your day rock climbing, before heading for a dip in the ocean and finishing off with fresh seafood overlooking Mount Teide.

In terms of rock climbing, there are routes for all tastes and abilities and most places have free access, however some require permission which can often be obtained in-situ through QR code scanning, such as Guaria near Guia de Isora, and also some places in the Teide National Park.

There’s plenty of accommodation options all over the island, but Tenerife Climbing House welcomes climbers from all over the world and even has its own bouldering wall.

List of Areas to Visit-


As one of the first rock climbing areas in Southern Tenerife, Arico offers more than 250 single pitch sport climbing routes for every level of difficulty- this is the greatest number of routes of any of the climbing areas in the island.


Guaria is the island’s third largest climbing area with a wealth of multi-pitch routes, as well as Tenerife’s tallest crag. Climbers who prefer longer single-pitch routes and multi-pitch climbing will find what they’re looking for here. It is also home to a number of endangered bird species and faces the Protected Natural Area of “La Montaña de Tejina”.

The Highest Peak in Europe: Teide National Park

The most visited park in all of Europe is also home to the most impressive volcanic structure. Teide, the highest peak in Spain and a Natural World Heritage Site, offers what is possibly the most impressive scenery you have ever seen.


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