Stranahan’s Presents – A Gift for Whiskey & Travel Lovers

Is there someone on your gift list who prefers experiences to items? Or prefers whiskey to other spirits? Maybe both?! Gift them a one-of-a-kind whiskey tasting tour with Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey, the first legal distillery in Colorado since Prohibition.

During Stranahan’s Distiller’s Experimental Series Whiskey Tasting at their Denver distillery, guests will taste a rotating series of rare cask-strength whiskey experiments concepted by head distiller, Owen Martin, that are only available at the distillery in extremely limited quantities. During the four-part whiskey tasting, guests will identify and savor the unique tasting notes, and learn about small-batch whiskey distilling and how the distillery’s experimentation led to unique products.

Price: $45 per person
Location: Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey | 200 South Kalamath Street, Denver, CO

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