St. John – Picture Worth a Thousand “Wows”

The Caribbean is known for offering photo opportunities at almost every turn. St. John, in the U.S. Virgin Islands, provides vacationers with more “had me at hello” moments than a Renee Zellweger film festival.

Driving in St. John is a bit of a challenge. Brightly colored Jeeps make up nearly 90 percent of all the rental car inventory. The Himalaya-like roadways make four-wheel drive a necessity.

For newcomers, the island roads can feel like a paved roller coaster. What adds drama to your belly dancer-turned-elevator-operator journey, is keeping your eyes on the road and resisting a glimpse at the spectacular scenery just beyond your sideview mirror.

If traveling with a spouse or a friend, we’d suggest alternating driving responsibilities. That’s so opportunities to gawk at St. John’s color-laden views aren’t hogged by just one passenger.

If photography is your passion, then St. John is a must-see, even if beachcombing isn’t at the top of your vacation to-do list. This retreat discovered long ago by Rockefeller and loved today by Chesney, is sure to make your camera viewfinder speak like the pub regular beckoning his favorite bartender. With each shutter click you’ll hear, “Thanks, I’ll have another.”

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