St. Croix – U.S. Best $25 Million Return

In 1917, the U.S. wrote a $25 million dollar check for one of Denmark’s most prized possessions. Almost a century later, it’s fair to say that the 82-square mile  island of St. Croix is one of America’s best investments ever.

Photographer Tina Henle is proud to call the island Columbus named “Santa Cruz” home. Almost every weekend,  Henle’s camera helps couples experience magical photographic moments with St. Croix as the backdrop for their destination wedding.

St. Croix is a virtual feast of island ingredients when one considers the history and topography of the island. Not only does the island’s past governing heritage include a whopping seven different nationalities, but when vacationers drive the 28-mile length of the island, you’ll discover untamed beaches, lush green hills, and cliff-climbing vistas.

Henle follows a photographic philosophy of quality over quantity. This University of New Mexico Anthropology and Art graduate believes each click of her Nikon camera shutter is precious. Whether she is shooting a wedding on the shore of St. Croix’s famed Carambola Beach Resort, a sunrise on Buck Island, or a sailboat hovering on Green Cay Marina, Henle only shoots when her image composition is picture-perfect.

St. Croix’s vibe is what you may expect from an island where Cruzan rum is one of the main exports, the fishing is world-class, and dance festivals are practically a monthly occurrence. The flip side to this laid-back ambiance is something that Henle holds dear. Residents are famous for beginning each conversation with a polite good morning, good afternoon, or good evening. This lovely tradition could be one of the main reasons St. Croix has one of the highest repeat vacationer ratings in the Caribbean.

St. Croix is a generous host, regardless of your vacation preference. This island is a magnet for divers seeking endless barrier reefs, plentiful marine life, and story-rich shipwrecks. For music aficionados, life on St. Croix is drenched in jazz, reggae, salsa, and even a dance called Moko Jumbie. For Tina Henle, her island is the ideal stage for shooting destination weddings and sending couples home with a lifetime of photographic memories.

St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Island: Isn’t it time for you to experience America’s best $25 million dollar return on our dollar?


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  1. Excellent article. Kudos to Tina Henle. Home is where the heart is St. Croix our home.

  2. 20 years years ago, my wife and I decided that the island of St. Croix was the home of our souls, if not our bodies. We have bought Tine Henle’s photos and paintings done by her dear sister Marie. All lovely, lovely!

  3. lovely place and close to my beach comber’s heart. all blessings on you both toni and tina…………… xt

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