Sacks Parente Golf to Open Golf Shaft Facility in Missouri

CAMARILLO, CA, March 25, 2022 – Sacks Parente Golf Company (SPG), creators of exceptional putting instruments, announces that they are opening a golf shaft manufacturing and design facility into their operations.  This new facility will be opened in St. Joseph, Missouri.

The primary focus of this facility will be to manufacture SPG proprietary carbon fiber golf shafts for their patented Ultra-Low Balance Putter (ULBP) Technology putting instruments.  “Incorporating shaft manufacturing right here in the United States allows us to greatly control our ability to innovate, design, manufacture, and quickly deliver our putting instruments to a growing audience,“ said Tim Triplett, CEO of Sacks Parente Golf.

Sacks Parente shafts have been engineered from the ground up to meet specifications never before contemplated in a putter shaft. Weighing in at approximately 1 gram per inch, the Sacks Parente shaft is the high-performance engine that powers ULBP. The company has engineered carbon fiber composite shafts that are ultra-lightweight, extremely durable, and provide the golfer with a unique dexterity unlike any other on the market.  Achieving this level of performance, at less than 1/3 the weight of a typical steel shaft, is an engineering marvel that translates to putting instruments that naturally improve the putting stroke and performance.

Sacks Parente holds numerous patents and patents pending on their game-changing putter technologies.  “We will continue to lead the field in putter technology and performance while continuing to grow to our portfolio of patented products.  The addition of a golf shaft manufacturing facility will allow us to accelerate this development and growth,“ added Tim Triplett.

About Sacks Parente Golf

Sacks Parente Golf Company was founded by Steve Sacks and Richard Parente, a legendary duo of golf professionals, who as entrepreneurs have founded, built and grown some of the best names in golf. They have advised, consulted and designed clubs for the who’s who of the industry over a combined 100+years. Sacks Parente Golf is based in Camarillo, California, in a facility designed with state-of-the-art robotics and analytic instruments to test and prove the science of putting. Their innovative accomplishments include: the First Vernier Acuity putter, patented Ultra-Low Balance Point (ULBP) putter technology, weight-forward Center-of-Gravity (CG) design while pioneering ultra-light carbon fiber putter shafts.  The company is backed by sophisticated and strategic investors from the USA and Japan. Sacks Parente Golf is an NXV company.

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