Romantic Cocktails to Enjoy for Valentine’s Day in Houston, Texas

Love is in the air – and these hotspots in Houston, Texas offer some delicious cocktails. If you are looking to feature some romantic Valentine’s Day concoctions in honor of the holiday, please find details below. You might just fall in love!

  • Name of drink: Temporary Lover
  • Photo of drink: Credit: Andrew Hemingway –
  • Where available: Brasserie 19, a sophisticated French brasserie with New American influences.
  • Description: This take on a classic tiki drink is made with bourbon, Aperol, Cherry Heering, pineapple, lemon, and Angostura bitters.
  • Quote about drink: “Just like a brief romance Brasserie 19’s Temporary Lover is nostalgic with a romantic flair and a hint of bitter sweetness. Your love for this cocktail will be anything but temporary.” – Brasserie 19 General Manager Erica Culp

  • Name of drink: Perfect Pear
  • Photo of drink Credit: Jessica Wells –
  • Where available: Gatsby’s Prime Seafood, a seafood restaurant amplifying the standard of excellence through chef curated delicacies located in the Houston Montrose Area.
  • Description: Absolut Pears Vodka, Pear & Vanilla Shrub, Disaronno Amaretto, Bitters, Rose & Cardamom Honey and garnished with a Tumeric & Root Gold Rose.
  • Quote about drink: “Pairing flavors in a cocktail is a bartender’s specialty and its inspiring to me to witness the pairing of life partners to create a beautiful relationship.”- Jessica Wells, Gatsby’s Brand Mixologist

  • Name of drink:Thailand Sunrise
  • Photo of drink: Credit Alex Montoya –
  • Where available:Kin Dee, an authentic Thai eatery located in the heart of the Houston Heights.
  • Description:A perfectly pink cocktail featuring vodka, muddled pineapple, pineapple juice, pomegranate syrup, and lime juice garnished with lemon skin, Thai basil, and a fresh rose-carved strawberry.
  • Quote about drink: “The refreshing combination of muddled pineapple juice blended with vodka, lime juice, and pomegranate syrup will make you feel like you’re on a romantic tropical vacation in Thailand. Garnished with a rose-carved strawberry, Thai basil, and lemon skin, this cocktail is perfect to sip with a loved one this Valentine’s Day.” – Lukkaew Srasrisuwan, Kin Dee Owner

  • Name of drink: Rose to the Bottom
  • Photo of drink:Credit Michael Anthony –
  • Where available: Navy Blue, a modern American seafood restaurant by James Beard semifinalist Aaron Bludorn located in the heart of Rice Village in Houston.
  • Description: Nolets Gin, Lillet Rose, Berry Shrub, Pamplemousse (liqueur), Cardamom Bitters, Rose Petal Jam
  • Quote about drink: “The Rose to the Bottom cocktail is an elegant play on a 50/50 martini. Much like a relationship, it is very balanced, not overly stiff, and there are even hints of romance found in the rose notes.” Darryl Chan, Navy Blue Beverage Director

  • Name of drink:La Vie En Rose
  • Photo of drink: Credit Alex Montoya –
  • Where available:Le Colonial, a stylish, authentic Vietnamese eatery located in the buzzy River Oaks District. (Please note, Le Colonial has additional locations in Chicago, Lake Forest, and Atlanta, but the La Vie En Rose is only on the menu in Houston)
  • Description:A refreshing combination of Lillet Rose, lemongrass syrup, fresh lemon, and champagne.
  • Quote about drink: “La Vie En Rose is about seeing life through beautiful pink colored glasses. Essentially, it is the moment when you fall in love and see effortless beauty in everyday actions. Whatever and whomever you see is lovely and celebrated. Le Colonial captures this essence with our own exotic twist, creating the perfect cocktail for Valentine’s Day.” – Julie Lin, Le Colonial Wine & Spirits Director

  • Name of Drink: Mr. Big
  • Photo of drink: Link to photo
  • Where available:Woosters Garden, offering a modern setting for gourmet takes on classic bar fare, plus a variety of craft beers & cocktails.
  • Description:Combining vodka, watermelon, cucumber, lemon, and absinthe with a cucumber heart, Sex and the City lovers all over Houston will adore this cocktail!
  • Quote about drink:“Who doesn’t want Mr. Big in their life for Valentine’s Day? Featuring fresh ingredients, this is the perfect made to order cocktail for the holiday celebrating love.” – Joel Ramirez, Beverage Director, The Kirby Group, Wooster’s Garden.  

  • Name of drink:Chica Fresa
  • Photo of drink: Link to photo
  • Where available:URBE, featuring street food from across all states of Mexico, inspired by travels and also the hometowns of H Town team members
  • Description:This cocktail was created by William Fernandez, bar manager/manager of URBE in Houston, Texas. The restaurant is part of H Town Restaurant Group, owned and operated by James Beard Award-winning Chef Hugo Ortega and his wife, James Beard Award finalist Tracy Vaught, serving Mexican Street Food. Featuring Uruapan Charanda, Mezcal, fresh lemon juice, half & half, and fresh strawberries, this is a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Quote about drink: “This drink, Chica Fresa, is inspired by its main spirit, Charanda, which comes from Michoacan, Mexico and is made from purple sugar cane that native to that region. And as far as the strawberry element, Michoacan, Mexico is the largest producer of strawberries in the country. Both of Michoacan’s pride and joy in one glass!” – William Fernandez, bar manager/manager of URBE

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